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1) From: Mike Geis
I have tried and tried and tried and tried to get the Sulawesi Toraja
Boengie "Fat Bean" to a dark roast but cannot seem to do so.  I think it may
require a blow torch.
The upside of this bean for the Alpenroster is that it is, indeed, fat,
which is to say that it does not fall through or even embed itself in the
holes of the drum.
The downside, as noted, is that it will not roast dark.  I planned to take
it to a dark roast -- Austrian, to be specific -- and planned to do so by
ear, so I was a bit lax on timing the roast.  Put it this way.  I preheated
the roaster to 400 degrees.  I then roasted it on the #15 setting.  It went
to cool cycle, so I unplugged it, plugged it back in, and started it back up
again.  I cannot say for sure but I believe that I roasted it for between
23-25 minutes, not counting the cooling and emptying cycles, before
abandoning my project.  I will confess that I opened the chamber a few times
to eyeball the color of the bean, which didn't help matters.
Has anyone else roasted this bean to a dark roast?  If so, how did you do
By the way, the bean makes nice early second crack (my guess -- this bean
may never get to second crack.)  I am thinking that this bean has a
kryptonite outer shell that kicks in once it expands.
Mike Geis

2) From: Bob Norton
I roasted it to a City roast and rested it for 24 hours and it was
delicious. The taste is somewhat fragile and I think it would make a very
undistinguished and pointless dark roast.
On 4/15/2000Mike Geis wrote:

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The key is to use less.  If you use a half cup of green and put it on 15, you'll have charcoal unless your alp is severely malfuncti
oning.  How much did you put in (all I know how to use are volumetric cups (= 8 fl oz, us)
Bob C.

4) From: Mike Geis
From: "Robert Cantor" 
you'll have charcoal unless your alp is severely malfuncti
(= 8 fl oz, us)
I used 8 oz by weight.  My Alpenrost sits in the fireplace, which seems to
create a cooler environment than my kitchen did thanks to the up draft.  I
compensate by preheating it to 400 degrees.  The problem is that the Fat
Bean just can't seem to get hot enough to get dark, much less turn into

5) From: Robert Cantor
If you use 1/3 to half that amount, you'll get charcoal.
Try it, but don't let it run that far.
Bob C.

6) From: TFisher511
I'm with you Bob. Instead of roasting a full batch of 8 big beans in that 
Alpenroaster Mike, try about 5 or 6 beans and they should get as dark as you 
<< If you use 1/3 to half that amount, you'll get charcoal.
 Try it, but don't let it run that far.
 Bob C. >>

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