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Topic: Newbie to group waiting for "Freshroast" to arrive... (6 msgs / 210 lines)
1) From: Scott Cressey
Hi, I juts wanted to say "Hello". I am new to the group. My first Roaster is on its way. It is a Freshroast "Enhanced" Original. I believe the "Enhanced" part is the larger roast chamber, same one as the "Plus" model. I look forward to me coffee roasting adventures and learning from all of you seasoned roasters. If any of you own a Freshroast, or have used one in the past, I would love any tips or input that you may have.This will be my first attempt at roasting.
                                          Thank you, Scotty
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2) From: GHHOLT
In a message dated 8/11/2004 4:56:49 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
scottydaug writes:
If any of you own a Freshroast, or have used one in the past, I would love 
any tips or input that you may have.This will be my first attempt at roasting.
                                          Thank you, Scotty
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3) From: John Abbott
Hi Scotty!
   There are lots of FR users on the list who will be glad to offer
guidance and hints.  Since you have just started with yours I'm assuming
you have the new version (Freshroast plus) and not the plain FR. 
   You will find that like all things coffee you will change the way you
do things as you learn.  Begin by doing it their way and then learn to
modify as you progress.  Be very accurate in your measuring of the
"load" so that you will have repeatability.  Don't under or oversize
your weight initially at least.  
    Learn to listen to the sound of the beans more than the looks of the
beans. The important phases of the roast are first and second crack. You
should have no trouble hearing these.  First crack is almost like
popcorn cracking - but on the FR second crack can start immediately
after first crack.  Second crack is more like the sound of match sticks
breaking - much quieter.  
     You will find that with some beans you may have to rewind that
timer another 3 to 4 seconds to achieve second crack.  Stopping the
roast just as second crack begins would be a light city roast. Going
from light city to full city and then to darker roasts happens pretty
quickly on the FR.  Here you need to know the sound, and the smell of
the roast.  
     Your first couple of roasts clearly won't be perfect, but the
coffee that results will blow your socks off.  Keep track of the times
on each roast and learn to vary the time to reach your personal flavor
zones.  You may find after you get into it a bit that you will want to
stall the roast - putting it in the cooling cycle a couple of seconds
and then returning the heat - to create a smoother finish.
    In any case Scotty - you are in for some fabulous coffee!  And let
me be the first to warn you. . . .  You are about to become a fanatic!
John - loving life in the slow lane
On Wed, 2004-08-11 at 07:46, GHHOLT wrote:

4) From: Lowe, David
Definitely about to become a fanatic, once you start there is no turning =
back... just a slide deeper and deeper into coffee obsession. You will =
find fewer and fewer places where you are willing to drink the coffee. =
You will find yourself checking the SM web site more and more frequently =
for new arrivals and will increasingly find coffees there that you just =
*have* to order. And your "coffee stuff" (both equipment and green =
coffee) will take up more and more space. 
You're doomed just like the rest of us! (And we love every minute of =
Dave Lowe

5) From: Barry Luterman

6) From: R.N.Kyle
well said Dave.

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