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Topic: Newbie needs help roasting (5 msgs / 100 lines)
1) From: David
Hello :)
My wife and I are just getting into roasting our own coffee and
unfortunately the results are not what we expected.
We used some of the samples sent to us with our Fresh Roast Plus Roaster,
experimenting with different roasting times.  We started off with 4 minutes
(wife's idea, not mine) and went all the way up to 8 minutes.
We let the freshly roasted beans sit for at least 24 hours before grinding
and brewing and to be honest, there was no difference in the taste of the
coffee.  We tried the Columbian, Costa Rica and Guatemala varieties.
What are we doing wrong?? :) :)
Dave from Jacksonville

2) From: John Abbott
BIG QUESTION Dave.  With the Fresh Roast its more about the sounds and
smell than about the time.  You can "stall" the roast by switching into
the cooling mode momentarily and then back.  But the keys are to listen
for first and second crack.  With Costa Rican you will get the best cup
by stopping the roast just as second crack begins.  Allow the cooling
cycle to complete and then allow the beans to stand for four to six
hours before sealing.  Allow the beans to continue to outgas and settle
for 3 days.  The cup will be worth the wait.
The Guat can be taken 10 seconds or so into second crack - and will be
ready to go after 2 days of rest. 
You didn't say how you were brewing but the CR makes a much better
brewed cup than a shot (although I drink them as shots).
John - enjoying life again in the slow lane
On Thu, 2004-08-12 at 10:44, David wrote:

3) From: PecanJim
    I would need a little more information to help.  Are these samples from a Sweet Maria sampler pack or are they samples that came packed with the roaster?
    Jim Gundlach

4) From: John Blumel
On Aug 12, 2004, at 11:44am, David wrote:
Possibly nothing. You may want to follow some of the resting 
recommendations from JA and perhaps allow the coffee to cool somewhat 
before tasting, as the varietal differences may become more apparent at 
lower temperatures. Relatively speaking, the differences in the coffees 
you mention are not as great as they would be between a Central and an 
African or Indonesian and it may just take some time for your palate to 
begin to pick out the flavors. Also, the darker you roast, the less the 
differences are likely to be in the cup.
John Blumel

5) From: Barry Luterman
Another possible reason. On a new roaster the heating coil has a chemical on
it. The first few roasts should be thrown away. They are tainted by the
chemical smell

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