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Topic: My love's new stallion (6 msgs / 173 lines)
1) From: alfred
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Here is your new steed, my love.
I have done my homework on this baby and it isn't just OK for you, it's =
Click on the illustrations to enlargehttp://www.aprilia.com.au/scooters/mojito.html

2) From: PecanJim
I don't think this list is your source of increased spam.   I have six email accounts.  This one is used exclusively for this list and it is a rare day when I even get one piece of spam on it.
    Jim Gundlach

3) From: John Abbott
Yeah, I'm with Jim here.  I originated coffee just for the
list.  For a bit I was flashing different usernames and poor Maria was
faithfully reposting them for me.  I now have one mail program set up
just for this list. I have another for the rest of the world.  The only
suspected problem we've had is the counterfeit addressing by a worm some
months back - and that had nothing to do with the list, just some poor
soul's computer.
And -I would still risk the hazard of being spammed to be a part of this
list. How else would I know that I've got the wrong equipment brewing
the wrong beans :O))   (see I'm getting back to curmudgeon level).
John - not really loving life in the really slow lane.
On Fri, 2004-08-13 at 09:51, PecanJim wrote:

4) From: PecanJim
Alfred is on the list.   I did not pay much attention to the Vespa email but I suspect it was a sending mistake rather than an effort to sell Vespas.
     Jim Gundlach

5) From: Brian Knowles
On Friday, August 13, 2004, at 10:25 AM, PecanJim wrote:
No problem then.  Hello Al.  I used to really like Vespas, long ago in 
HS.  If someone had told me then that one day they would cost six 
grand, I'd have broken a rib laughing...
On topic..  Alpinrost works much better since DIY cleaning/overhaul.  
Additionally, I've fitted it with a volt meter and boosting 

6) From: alfred
Jim: You're  correct. Mea Culpa
Just clicked in the wrong address

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