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1) From: =?iso-8859-1?Q?Claus_Th=F8gersen?=
One adition I would like to have added to the new Roasted Coffee Pictorial
Guide is to have some times added to the last stages  from 13 and the last
stages, where it seems you still have second crack going on, but there are
no times given for how long it aproximately takes to enter into these very
burnt stages of roasting.
Claus Thøgersen

2) From: Edward Spiegel
At 5:47 PM +0200 8/19/04, Claus Thøgersen wrote:
As Tom states on the page, the times are meaningless unless you are roasting=
 on identical equipment to him and he explicitly says not to imitate the=
 profile that he used when coming up with the examples. You do not want to=
 emulate the times listed.

3) From: Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee
Claus - I am not understanding the suggestion - 
can you restate it? By the way, I was putting a 
strong suggestion in there that the times are 
just for casual reference; it was not a "good" 
roast for the Probat, and not a useful time 
reference for the air roasters. The final roast 
pictured is truly a matter of seconds from fire, 
but I failed to show the darkest stages in the 
last version of the guide so I am trying to give 
the complete picture this time --- I am off to 
warm up the copy stand lights and take a picture 
of all in one frame....
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4) From: =?iso-8859-1?Q?Claus_Th=F8gersen?=
Hi Edward,
No I do not want to emulate the times at all. But since I cannot see the
pictures I get the main information from the text that describes each
picture. And the important thing for me is to be able to relate the roast
terms such as city full city and so on to the roasting process wich for me
is marked by smell and sound and the time as an extra piece of information
to support the other 2 factors. With time on the page I do not mean time in
minutes and seconds but the time related to first and second crack, and this
is this information I need an estimate for also in the last stages after
full city plus.
Claus Thøgersen

5) From: Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee
Hi Claus - the descriptions are far from done, so 
expect a lot more text there, and a consistent 
description of the related cup qualities, etc.
minutes and seconds but the time related to first and second crack,
So do you mean to start a timer at the first sign 
of 1st crack and onward to gauge roasts by the 
time after the first audible crack? Still not 
getting it - I am a bit dense this morning, I 
guess, and just a little cranky after the web 
design comments... (I realize its just one 
persons opinion, but sometimes I think people 
forget that there are real people on our end and 
a lot of hard work... and admittedly not enough 
vacation days too...)
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6) From: =?iso-8859-1?Q?Claus_Th=F8gersen?=
Hi tom,
I read this page very differently than almost  everybody else on the list
because I am blind the text description of each stage in the roasting
process is what is important for me.
And the times I want more of is the relation between first or second crack
and the corosponding roast term e.g.
9. 1st crack finishes 10:40 - 426 f
This is considered a City Roast, a bean appearance where the surface has
smoothed somewhat from expansion but still has darker marks in the coffee,
So now I know that whenever first crack dies down I have roasted the coffee
to a city roast.
Another example:
11. Full City roast 11:30 - 444 f
On the verge of 2nd crack
Obviously I would like much more detail, like when does second crack really
start, at the first snaps 10 or 15 seconds before the cracks come in a
continuous stream, but even this information is very usefull.
But after 13 there are no estimation of how long into second crack we are
only bean temperature and the actual roasttime and this time of course is
very specific to the roaster beeing used
Here is the sample from the text:
13. Vienna - Light French roast 12:15 - 465 f
2nd crack is under way
(This is my darkest espresso roast)
An aggressive Full City roast and beyond into the Vienna stage (also called
Continental) is where you begin to find Origin Character begin to be
What I would like would be something like 30 or 40 seconds into second crack
like in the previous examples. Now that I read the text very carefully I can
see that it is 19 seconds later wich should mean about 30 seconds into
second crack more or less, but again this may differ depending on the
roaster that is beeing used.
Claus Thøgersen

7) From: Oaklandguy
Tom and Maria,
Hang in there.  As a new user (who found homeroasting thanks to your
site), I completely support what you've done.  I found (and continue to
find) the website very helpful and easy to navigate.  Pages load quickly
and it's a fun site to roam.
I really think it's terrific that you have shared your knowledge with
everyone.  Plus, I enjoy those little blurbs about your trips and
cupping experiences.  One of life's lessons:  You can never make
everyone happy.
Good work and thanks to both of you.

8) From: Edward Spiegel
At 10:05 PM +0200 8/19/04, Claus Thøgersen wrote:
Do keep in mind that even the time relative to first and second crack is=
 relative to the roaster being used. So, for instance, saying that Vienna=
 roast happens 20 seconds into second crack does not hold true for all=
 roasters. It took me a while to realize that it might take 40 seconds or=
 even more after second started to get to Vienna.
So, if Tom does put in more time info, be aware that even the relative times=
 won't tell you as much as you might want to know -- you will still have to=
 do trial and error to see how they line up with your roasting setup.

9) From: Sue Spence
Hear hear!  I recently started roasting my own coffee, in part because 
of encouragement I received when I browsed through the Sweet Maria's 
site. You said it was easy, and it is. I live in a rural part of England 
where you can only have fresh coffee if you DIY. I was so sick of 
supermarket coffee!  Bleah!
Right now I'm using a Prima popcorn popper, but am thinking about 
getting a bigger roaster. My friends and neighbors want good coffee too. :-)
Oaklandguy wrote:

10) From: Tom Ulmer
To the best of times...

11) From: gin
Here, here...
To the best of times. Was that in a book someplace?

12) From: Tom Ulmer
no, well maybe... hell i don't know
probably a feeble attempt to hide performance anxiety

13) From: Paul
Where in England are you? I am from England, but I live in Texas now. =
story. I visit often and you are quite right about the horible state of
coffee there. It is starting to get better but......

14) From: Paul
Mayhap you are thinking of Charles Dickins' A Tale of Two Cities? 
"It was the best of time, it was the worst of times...."
Rather aptly desribes you situation. I wish you a speedy and pleasant
outcome to this awful predicament.

15) From: gin
One of my favorite reads of all time...
We be ok here on the west coast, rebels that we all are.
Thanks for you support.

16) From: Sue Spence
We live in Wensleydale in North Yorkshire, made famous by Monty Python 
and Wallace & Gromit.  I'm actually an American who grew up in the SF 
bay area, but we moved to my husband's village a few years ago for 
family reasons.
Paul wrote:

17) From: Steven Van Dyke
Not long ago the ever-indulgent wife and I discovered nice little cheese
shop.  When I remarked to one of the counter folk that I felt I should be=
hearing a Bazuki he actually knew what I meant.  Later at home I pulled
up the episode from the 'Complete Monty Python' DVD set the ever-indulgen=
wife got me a couple of Christmas' ago to show her what the joke was.  I
do have to confess this shop wasn't nearly as clean - they have cheese al=
over the place.
Thanks for the happy thoughts.
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