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Topic: New Threaded Digest available (11 msgs / 201 lines)
1) From: Craig Meyer
I have created a threaded index of all the articles posted to this list 
which is available at:http://www.themeyers.org/HomeRoast/The Digest includes messages from Thu, 16 Mar 2000 17:30:43 to Sun, 16 Apr 
2000 15:00:18.
(There are currently 117 Topics, 541 Messages, 11625 Lines in the digest)
The are grouped by Subject line and then sorted by date.
To use click on the Blue "Topic:" link.
A thread created in the last 7 days is colored in red.
A thread with responses in the last 7 days has a red LastModification date.
Please respond with comments and or suggestions.

2) From: Craig Meyer
At the suggestion of a member of this list,  I have modified my script to 
remove all Email address in the From: line of a posted message.  This will 
keep our Email addresses private.
Please note that Email addresses included in the message body will not be 
- Craig

3) From: Richard Schwaninger
About he whole name and address thing. Personally, it doesn't matter to me. I'm also certainly 
not the list police. However....
Some of us are sensitive to the name / address information being made public. It ought to be 
done by consensus, or at least a majority vote. Tom, I would think, also has a say, or at least 
may want to say something. He went through some trouble to host this list on a private server 
vs. one of the free ones. There was quite a debate and some even un-subbed while Tom set up 
the current server.
That being said, the digest is a good thing.
On matters of coffee, who went to the SCAA in San Francisco this last weekend? I was there on 
Sunday in the company of Owen (of alt fame). I meet a few of the people we all talk about or at 
least read about and in general had a good time. Tom, I didn't get a chance to meet, even though I 
stood next to the SCAA technical stand from 1:30 to 4:00 on Sunday. What's up with that?
Robusta Rich
On Mon, 17 Apr 2000 22:16:38 EDT, CarolaML wrote:
"Consider what you want to do in relation to what you are capable
of doing. Mountaineering is above all a matter of integrity".
Gaston Rebuffat
Richard Schwaninger
to receive pgp public key send subject "request public key"
or from any keyserverhttp://schwani.dyndns.com

4) From: CarolaML
meyercr writes:
The threaded digest is super -- thanks!
About the 'from' field, how about leaving the user-name and
deleting just the @isp?  That prevents any address-farming, if
that's what folks are worried about.
W/out the poster's name (which means nothing to anyone but
us anyway, and we know us already), reading a thread was a
bit... um... lacking in perspective somehow.

5) From: Craig R Meyer
	I have implemented the suggestion by "CarolaML" on cleaning the From: 
fields email addresses.  I won't make this version available until I get 
comments from people on the list.  If someone doesn't want me to display 
this information Please let me know!   If I hear no complaints, I will wait 
a week, and then switch over.
	The script now strips off the hostname part of the Email address.  It will 
use the "Nice" name if it exists.  Here are some examples:
(1st line is the original From line, second is the "cleaned" result)
From: "Robert Cantor" 
From: Robert Cantor
From: Mark 
From: Mark
From: KeithCoffeeMan
From: KeithCoffeeMan
From: Eric Bear Albrecht 
From: Eric Bear Albrecht
- Craig

6) From: Craig R Meyer
	People have asked for a complete Threaded Digest.  I only have the 
messages from late February thru now.  If someone has the Windows Eudora 
mailer with a complete .mbx file for HomeRoast, zip it up and send it to 
me.  I will use that to generate the Digest.
	I can grab all the files from the existing Digest, but they all have the 
original From line removed.

7) From: Eric Bear Albrecht
This looks good to me.  Of course these meta-messages will be excluded
from the archive, right? ... since we have in the body of the message
the parts that would be removed from the headers ...
At 12:25 PM -0400 4/18/00, Craig R Meyer wrote:
         Eric Bear Albrecht     ebear      W5VZB      Box 6040
                                Presto Computers
            Macintosh repairs - used Macs - training & troubleshooting
         505-758-0579           fax 505-758-5079          Taos, NM 87571
                           http://www.taosnet.com/ebear         - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                  Old MacDonald had a modem -- A - O - A - O - L
         - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

8) From: Robert Cantor
I have a selection of msgs from 3/98.  It's in MS OE.    of value to anyone?
Bob C.

9) From: Craig Meyer
The web based HomeRoast Digest is back up to date after my vacation.
The URL is:http://TheMeyers.org/HomeRoast/index.htm

10) From: Susan Blanton
Oh, my. Isn't this a wonderful thing? I am brand new to this list, and I am
fascinated by the HomeRoast Digest. I guess I will make another cup of
Malabar Gold and stay up late reading. Thank you!
Susan B.

11) From: Craig Meyer
Hello fellow Roasters,
	There is now a improved version of the web digest available.  At the 
request of some readers I have added a Topic view by last post date (most 
recent first).  This allows you to easily see what has changed most recently.
	Also there is now a Text Search capability.  Simply type in some search text
(Ex: Moka Kadir), click on Search and the Topics containing those words 
will be listed.
Note: The search defaults to an "AND" search ("Hit" must match all words) 
but you can select "OR" ("Hit" must match at least one word).  Also very 
common words are ignored.
Ps. This Digest is updated most nights around 10pm EST.

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