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Topic: MOST desired poppers?? (11 msgs / 209 lines)
1) From: gin
Hi all:
I am in San Luis Obispo, CA today and will head for The South on Tuesday morning, what poppers are the most desired?
I will be in downtown LA and there are tons of goodwill/thrift shops and my guess is that I may find several, which am I looking for since these would make great eBay toys or super traditions.
thanks in advance,

2) From: gin
Hi Peter
Thanks for the input. I use a Hot Top but have seem folks looking for the Westbends so I thought I would check the local goodwill while in LA.

3) From: Dennis Parham
hehehehe.... some of my family lives  there!!  Are you going to take 
your coffee with??  and see the PET ROCK today??  hehehe
Dennis Parham
On Sep 19, 2004, at 2:13 PM, gin wrote:

4) From: Edward Spiegel
At 12:13 PM -0700 9/19/04, gin wrote:
Wearever Pumper (not silex pumper), Poppery I and Poppery II seem to be the most popular poppers for roasting.
Happy Hunting,

5) From: Peter Schmidt
Hello Ginny,
  If a relative newbie to roasting my make a suggestion......  if you see a
Stir Crazy and a Convection Oven, it might be worth your consideration.  for
the month i've been using mine, it's pretty much fool proof and does
whatever i ask it to right out of the box....
having fun in milwaukee....
morning, what poppers are the most desired?
my guess is that I may find several, which am I looking for since these
would make great eBay toys or super traditions.
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6) From: Oaklandguy
WestBend Poppery IIs are popular and sought after.  Very rare and =
desired is
the WestBend Poppery I.
For other electric poppers, the main consideration would be that the =
chamber is vented on the sides - not the bottom - and (I think) a =
wattage in
the 1200-1500 range.  So, there are other poppers that fit the bill, but
don't know much about them.
ToastMasters (if you see them) can be picked up for $6 from big stores =
Target, so doubtful they'd be a good investment.
Good luck!
Roastin' in a PII for drip brew

7) From: tenclay
I have a toastmaster that I picked up at Target when I started just a
handful of weeks ago - it's an awfully fast roast, but sure beats anything
I've found in a store!  The price was great too.
Grace and Peace,

8) From: Ben Treichel
gin wrote:
always looking for p1's
Ben Treichel
Program Manager
S.E Michigan
248-232-7365 (o)
248-935-6845 (m)

9) From: Edward Spiegel
At 9:01 PM -0400 9/19/04, tenclay wrote:
Hi Tim,
If you are interested in slowing down your roasts and don't know about my popper tips page, check them out at:http://www.edwardspiegel.org/coffeeI started out with a Toastaster that roasts extremely fast and found (with the help of list members) a number of simple techniques that slow the Toastmaster down and allow it to make superb roasts.

10) From: Casey Jones
Good luck on your search here in Los Angeles.
You'll probably come across quite a few silex pumpers. Best to leave them on
the shelf. After my first toastmaster died, I was a little overzealous with
my thrift store searches and picked up 3 of silex pumpers.  In my experience
they are noticeably louder than others and roast too quickly (rolling 2nd in
3 minutes!) Now they just sit in boxes in the garage.   You can do better.
I've been fortunate enough to pick up 2 Poppery I's in the local Goodwill
stores, (found them both in the same week, what luck!). Of course, I'd been
searching for over a year. Both were about $6, although not as low as some
list member have founds in other areas, it's still much better than I would
do on ebay.  
Let us know what you find.
-Casey Jones
Just finished up the last of my '03 PRYS. :(

11) From: Angelo
Hamilton Beach Pumper...a real workhorse and i can do 125grams... Probably 
more, but I don't want to tempt the fates...

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