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1) From: Ron_L
It seems as though September has been the month of the popcorn popper
for me!  After checking Goodwill weekly for months, and finding
nothing, in September I have found a Poppery II, A Stir Crazy and now
two Poppery Is.  I stopped by this afternoon and found a Poppery I
(missing the butter dish, not a big deal since I've been using a
hurricane lamp glass) for $2.99!  They also have a Popcorn Pumper and
a Salton popper with the slots for the hot air, not the mesh bottom. 
I'm up to 6 air poppers now, so I left the pumper and the Salton
there.  If anyone needs or wants either, I can go buy them tomorrow
after work and send them to you for the actual postage.

2) From: Gregg Talton
It reminds me of the truck I'm restoring.  I have a 54 Willys 4X4 Wagon.
The search for parts is part of the fun of restoration.  In comparison,
the search for poppers is one of the many things I enjoy about roasting.
Of course, If I could combine the two... A Continental Super Hurricane
Coffee Roaster...

3) From: Phil Ferrante-Roseberry
Hi Ron,
It's probably already been snatched up, but I live by the Pumper and 
have been looking for a replacement for my aging one for some time. 
I'd be happy to reimburse you for one and throw in something from my 
stash. Let me know.
Thanks for offering this, whether it works out for me or not!
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4) From: Ron_L
OK, Phil... I have head to downtown Chicago in a few minutes, but I'll
stop by Goodwill on my way home from the train station.  I'll send you
an e-mail off list later and let you know if it was still there...
On Thu, 23 Sep 2004 22:13:32 -0700, Phil Ferrante-Roseberry

5) From: Phil Ferrante-Roseberry
Sorry, I meant for that to be off-list!
At 10:13 PM -0700 9/23/04, Phil Ferrante-Roseberry wrote:

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