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Topic: Update - Free - roasting parts found while cleaning up (5 msgs / 192 lines)
1) From: Sharon Allsup
0100,0100,0100Everything has been claimed except for #2 - the Cafe Rosto chaff 
filter basket-insert thingy.  Email me if you want it as a spare.  If 
not, I could always see about squishing it a bit and using it as a 
falconry hood shaper :)
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EMAIL ME ON THESE - The list has such a high volume of posts 
I'll probably miss a "dibs" posting in here.  If you post Dibs in
here, cc: me via email just to be safe.  Thanks.
I'm offering up the following items to the first person(s) willing to
pay postage - please be considerate and take only what you'll use 
not go for all four items:
1) Glass top to a Cafe Rosto
2) Chaff filter basket for a Cafe Rosto
3)  Glass roasting chamber for a (black) Hearthware Precision, 
includes the chaff filter assembly/lid w/inner ring for chaff
4)  Glass roasting chamber for a (white?) Hearthware Gourmet, 
including the gasket-equipped bottom part of the chaff 
assembly/lid, and the top.  I don't remember if this had a metal ring
inside for chaff collecting - if so, it's missing.  The plastic on the
top of the lid - the bit that has the little knob on the top for the
lid to be removed - is damaged.  This wouldn't mean anything for 
items, except that the lid no longer keeps a tight seal.  You need to
either adjust roasting times longer, or hold/weight it down 
Or just use heat-resistent glue to fix it once and for all.
They've not been used in a year or three and will need cleaning. 
Basically these are parts to old roasters that burned out (or in one
case, sort of exploded), and they ended up in a box outside, to be
found while cleaning up this weekend.  I'm not getting out of 
- still have an I-Roast and a Fresh Roast for backup.  I just figure
it would be a shame to throw these out if someone else can use 

2) From: Phil Jordan
Sharon Allsup wrote:
Woo hoo! Another falconer and coffee nut!
Greetings from the UK, Sharon!
Phil Jordan
The European Coffee Resource

3) From: Sharon Allsup
The Cafe Rosto filter basket is gone now - so everything's found a 
new home.  Thanks, gang.
Hi Phil - not that many falconers around here in the States!  I think 
there are only about 3,000 active in the US now, and less than 150 
in the state of Georgia.  But they sure love their coffee - when I 
bring baggies of homeroast to the field meets, I'm suddenly very, 
very popular.  Even more popular than can be explained by being 
one of a handful of females in this sport!
UK and US falconry are sooooo different.  I'm jealous of you being 
free of much of our red tape, and UK people at our field meets are 
jealous of us having relatively huge amounts of public hawking land 
and being able to take passagers.  I've quaffed many a pot of 
homeroast while waking and manning birds!
This is the third time this month I've scheduled a coastal merlin 
trapping trip, and a hurricane has come through.  AARGGHHH!!!!  
At this rate I'll be flying a cast of kestrels instead of merlins, cuz 
the merlins would have headed further south.  Grrrr.. ship me one of 
your Eurasian kestrels, OK?
Much coolness to meet you.  If you ever make it over the pond, let 
me know and I'll drag you to the various field meets and breeding  
Sharon Allsup
On 26 Sep 2004, at 20:04, Phil Jordan wrote:

4) From: John Blumel
On Sep 26, 2004, at 3:17pm, Sharon Allsup wrote:
That might be a good time to catch them. About a half hour ago, there 
was a very confused looking hawk (not sure what species but pretty big 
with very muscular legs) walking around in the back yard that seemed 
like it wasn't quite sure what to do. Given the strength of the wind 
gusts (from Jeanne) at the time, perhaps it wasn't able to fly. It did 
fly off in the first lull.
John Blumel

5) From: Gene Smith
I swear...this list comprises the most interesting and diverse group of 
people I have ever found on the net!
Reminds me of early on in married life when my wife became flustered over 
the weird variety of my books.  She looked around my library, searching for 
a suitably obscure topic and announced, "I wouldn't be surprised if you had 
a book on building steam engines in here someplace!"
I walked over to one of my bookcases, removed the very book and handed it to 
Gene Smith
still steaming along, in Houston

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