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Topic: New beans, how should I roast 'em? (8 msgs / 184 lines)
1) From: micah milano
I just got my shipment of both beans and a Moka pot and I am excited
to get roasting so I can have some delicious moka coffee tomorrow!
However, I am looking for some tips on how I should roast these to
make the best brew for this pot (or a french press), any tips from the
pros? I tend to like deep, dark, full-bodied tastes.
My list:
Indian Monsooned Malabar Coehlo's Gold (I couldn't resist trying this)
Mexico Oaxaca "Pluma Hidalgo" (lots of good reviews on the list of this one)
Nicaragua Cup of Excellence Coop 15 de Sept. (Have to try something really good)
Uganda Organic Bugisu - Sipi Falls (lot of people on the list raving about this)
Ethiopian Organic/FT Harar
Ethiopian Harar - Lot 7039 "Horse" (I cant remember why I chose both of these)
Its been days I've been without coffee, because I was out of town and
didn't get an order in, so I've been suffering. Let me know what you

2) From: Edward Spiegel
Any of the Ethiopians or the Uganga will be terrific at Full City or Vienna BUT they might not be at their best for 48 hours. I haven't roasted the others; so, I can't say about them.
At 1:17 PM -0500 9/28/04, micah milano wrote:

3) From: AlChemist John
I would say with any of those beans, you are going to get a full bodied 
taste with a moka pot.  My first pick would be the Pluma or the Ugandan, 
taken just shy of 2nd.  In general, I would roast for drip.
Sometime around 11:17 AM 9/28/2004, micah milano typed:
John Nanci 
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4) From: Myron Joshua
Ugandan Ugandan...Why must you people always remind us foreigners of what we
are missing....
My last order from SM was a bag of Panama Cup of Excellence...I should have
ordered the Ugandan. or the...or the...
Oh well...my buddy comes in december or january..i wonder how much he will
charge me for overweight.
ciao, myron

5) From: Ben Treichel
Myron Joshua wrote:
When I visited SM I was overweight and neither Tom or Maria charged me 
anything :-D

6) From: Gene Smith
So, are they running a coffee spa now, Ben?
Gene Smith
overweight, too, in Houston

7) From: Ben Treichel
Gene Smith wrote:
No, a home for orphan greens!!

8) From: Dan Sussman
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Monsooned Malabar is one of my favorite coffees, bar none. As Tom notes, 
some people think it tastes like sewer water, but not me! I refer to it 
as caffe du funk! (pardon my pitiful French -- or whatever the hell it is.)
Anyway, in my experience, don't overrrost this one. City or slightly 
darker works well for me. I don't want the earthiness to get swallowed 
up by roastiness.
However, I've found that you definitely may want to let this one rest 
for about 48 hours before brewing it to let the earthy notes settle down 
just a bit. Otherwise, it can be a little overwhelming.
micah milano wrote:
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