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Topic: Thrift Store Madness! (8 msgs / 228 lines)
1) From: Gene Smith
Okay, my wife *made* me come along with her to the thrift stores today.  We 
were officially looking for costume stuff, but as long as I was there...
In the first thrift I found a baby Bodum French press...not the deluxe one, 
but the one that is mostly black plastic...but for a buck-ninety-nine, you 
won't hear me compain.  At last I got to try French press!  Checked Tom's 
tipsheet and made myself a delightfully 'chewy' cuppa Komodo Blend decaf. 
While my wife was checking out at the first store, I walked to another and 
(1) Coghlan's non-stick Corn Popper with removable 2-piece extension 
handle - meant for using over a fire - $2.00.
(1) Presto PopCorNow Plus (1440 watts) - $2.00.
(1) West Bend Poppery II (1200 watts) - $2.00.
Two of the above will fulfill my latest Tradition obligations.  The 
over-the-fire roaster for sure, as I have no need for it and got it 
specifically to offer up.
The problem is which of the other two to offer?  I know both Poppery models 
are prized, but the Presto has more wattage.  Suggestions, popper fans?
When my wife and I were drinking lattes all the time, I only had to roast 
twice a week.  Now that I'm brewing more coffee to cut down on the milk, I 
have to roast every other day with my little half-cupper, and it's getting 
to be a pain.  So, one thing I'd like to know about these two poppers is 
which is likely to roast the larger quantity of beans?  The Presto has a 
wire bottom roasting chamber that I know some don't care for, but it is what 
I have all my experience on with my Aromaroast.
Zooming right past the formal wear store where I found a beautiful used 
frock coat in my exact size waiting for me and a very nice fellow *gave* me 
his LIVESTRONG yellow plastic bracelet when he heard my daughter covets one 
mightily (he has more), we come to the last thrift store on our itinerary.
Here I found a Decosonic turbo-oven, complete with something I have never 
seen before: a metal ring spacer that fits between the glass top and bottom. 
I have seen metal rings that have been fabricated by folks mating these 
ovens to a StirCrazy, but I have never seen one as original equipment.  This 
rig set me back a princely $15.00.
That was the end of my run of luck (so far).  It was about all I could 
stand.  I think that if I had found a StirCrazy sitting next to the turbo 
oven it would have frightened me.  I would have bought it - of course - but 
it would have been just a bit much.
Gene Smith
playing with his new toys, in Houston

2) From: John Blumel
On Sep 30, 2004, at 8:12pm, Gene Smith wrote:
You know, you can buy them from the Lance Armstrong Foundation -- 10 
for $10.
  http://www.laf-store.org/John Blumel

3) From: Gene Smith
According to my middle schooler, even though millions were made, their 
popularity has rendered them temporarily unavailable from that source.  Most 
of the kids have been getting them from ebay.  Supposedly, millions more are 
currently being made to meet demand.  As reliable a source as middle school 
gossip might seem to be, I don't know whether any of this is true...but I 
was very happy to find one for her, and I have (temporary) way cool daddy 
status as a result.
Gene Smith
relishing his newfound status, in Houston

4) From: John Blumel
On Sep 30, 2004, at 8:37pm, Gene Smith wrote:
They do cite a 3-4 week delay for availability.
Well, you can't buy that anywhere.
John Blumel

5) From: Peter Schmidt
Hey Gene,    See?  Some days it pays to venture forth.  Making the wife
happy pays in various dividends.
Hang on to that Decosonic!  You're half way home to a great set-up.  If you
won't take my word for it, just ask Dennis....  hehehe    the extension ring
won't help much.  It keeps the chaff in, and keeps in too much heat too,
IMHO.  Most GG's overhang the SC by about " all the way around and this
Yup, if you'd of seen a Stir Crazy sitting next to it, the clouds open up
and a shaft of light coming down.... and a voice that sounds like
roasting in the shade in milwaukee,
peter schmidt

6) From: Gene Smith
Peter Schmidt writes (in part):
Okay, Peter...a couple of questions:
How can the extension ring keep in "too much heat"?  Why wouldn't you just 
turn the oven down if it's too hot?  I saw a collar used by Peter Bishop on 
his rig (also a Decosonic) as shown on Tom's Hot Rod Roaster Page:http://www.bish.ws/coffee/TurboCrazy.htmlHe made his from aluminum, but the nicely made piece that I got with the ">http://www.sweetmarias.com/homemade-homeroasters.html...and Peter's linked webpage:http://www.bish.ws/coffee/TurboCrazy.htmlHe made his from aluminum, but the nicely made piece that I got with the 
Decosonic appears to be steel (or at least the sort of aluminum that magnets 
stick to...).  He seems to feel it's a good addition.  I'd love to hear more 
from both Peters about the utility/inutility of the ring.
Gene Smith
looking forward to roasting more than a handful of beans, in Houston

7) From: Peter Schmidt
Hi Gene...
  With all the latent heat in the Stir Crazy, the controls on the GG don't
respond very quickly.  So it's easy for a roast to start getting away on me,
and that's why I like to let some of the heat out.  My SC has a switch
(installed by me).  So in order to stretch the time between 1st and 2nd, or
from 1st to the end of roast, if i'm not aiming for 2nd, here's what works
for me.  As first is ending, i'll lower the heat on the GG and switch off
the SC heating unit for about 1 min.  I've even gotten into the habit of
lifting the GG for 5-10 seconds.  Then the heat goes back up on both units,
providing a nice 3 to 5 min. period of time.  2nd can be induced at will by
raising temps still further.   Today i did several 200g roasts and a 100g'er
for a post-roast blend.  At this small qty. this setup seems to want to go
from 1st directly into 2nd.  So the roast needs to be slowed and stretched.
This slowing and stretching on any size batch makes it easier IMO to select
the level of roast, as long as you don't let the roast stall.
  So that's my contention; the ring contains the heat, and makes any
adjustments too slow.  I am thinking of fashioning one similar to Peter
Bishop's, as a place to hang a thermometer.  And if i do, it will have some
allowance for the chaff to fly out.  A drawback would be that at the end of
the roast, it's just one more thing to be moved, slowing down the process of
getting the beans into the cooler.
Hoping opinions don't add to the obfuscation we're trying to eschew.....
Making too many laps around the learning curve in Milwaukee,
Peter Schmidt

8) From: Ron_L
On Thu, 30 Sep 2004 22:44:31 -0500, Gene Smith  wrote:
On my first SC/GG roast, I tried using a spring form cake pan ring as
a spacer, and the roast was very hard to control.  Also, there was no
where for the chaff to escape, so the beans were very hard to clean
afterward.  I tried a roast without the spacer, and found it much
easier to control.  There is a space between the GG and the SC and it
lets chaff out, and I think the airflow helps to control the heat

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