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1) From: gin
Hi Brent:
I still have the ranch in Oregon but have come back to my place in San Luis Obispo for a bit.
Oregon is a great place but since the bust at the ranch I need to be away fromOregon for a 

2) From: gin
Thanks, that is actually what I have been doing since I have a great lip on the sink next to my espresso machine. I simply need to pay attention, my knuckle is blk/blu...

3) From: gin
I have great hired guns! Great couple of lawyers who have no less then 6 grow cases at present. Both ex LA DA's who very strongly believe in medical pot being sold at reasonable prices to folks who need it.
I know damn well if the government could figure a way to make money it would be legal but it is easy to grow and they would not have control. God I hate this endless war on drugs that has cost the common folk billions and done nothing but put
sensible and resonable people in jail. I surely do not advocate giving pot to kids at all but the broken health care we have in the US needs people to be responsible for their own health, grow it and smoke it as far as I am concerned. I have said countless times I would rather by brother have a couple of hits of pot than the bottles of thorazine the VA pushes over the counter at him.
I had best get of my soapbox.
I am headed to Oregon on Saturday, we are suipposed to find out Monday what we will be charged with!
thanks for your note, I will keep you posted.

4) From: gin
as to...>>>these "fringe" economies<<<
There was a report last week that put marijuana as the largest cash crop in the usa...
I find out Monday what I will be charged with, they still don't know what to do "with three little old ladies". Heck, let them think
what they want. The mayor of Brownsville, Oregon was arrested last week for a grow operation. It's everywhere and as I believe has a solid medical use.
Believe me if the government could figure out how to make money it would be legal. They would have no control hence this zillion dollar drug war that has accomplished nothing.

5) From: gin
What a guy, very well said...
you are so right about the issues we have that no one seems to want to fix!

6) From: gin
I offered the best coffee in the region and brownies!

7) From: gin

8) From: gin
sounds like a plan Rick.
Sign me up and i'll bring the brownies.

9) From: gin
you can come along, you would LOVE my brownies!

10) From: gin
Great story Mike!
That reminds me of the time my brother got home really toasted, we were in Malibu that week with our dear grandmother, he got up in the morning and raved about the corn beef hash he had when he got home at 4am...
it was in fact freshly cooked dog food grandmother told him.
love these stories,

11) From: gin
come on over to my house dahling...

12) From: gin
see guys, it hit the mark.
For sure I am no spring chicken, cool yes, spring chicken no.

13) From: Oaklandguy
Have you moved to Calif.?  Wow.  Congrats (I hope).  And I've been
thinking of moving to Oregon . . . .
The mysteries of the list!
Roastin in a PII for a drip brew

14) From: Tom Ulmer
gin.. hope you still got a hired gun back at the ranch fending off those
legal varmints

15) From: Jason Brooks
    FWIW, and if your hands can do it, when I grind with my 169, I hold
the hopper with my left hand and use my index finger to steady the
burl that adjusts the grind.  I'll use this either grinding while
holding against my chest/abdomen, or on counter top.  This has reduced
the slippage for me.  And I go between Vac, Press, espresso, and soon,

16) From: Jason Brooks
Yep, I've pulled that one too.  Only for me, it usually ends up red,
either irritated or a bit of broken skin.

17) From: Oaklandguy
Gin - 
Welcome back to CA.  Hope things are going well.  I'll keep my fingers
crossed for you and your lawyers.
Eric Schlosser (wrote "Fast Food Nation") has a new book out called
"Reefer Madness".  It's covers four "underground" economies in the U.S.
- one of them being marijuana.  One of the others was the adult
entertainment industry and I forget the other two.
He subtly took the position that these "fringe" economies need to be
handled differently.  He doesn't come right out for legalization, but
you can tell his stance.  The book was well-written and, subtle
positioning aside, even-handed.  He talked with people who had pretty
moving stories but didn't judge them or their actions one way or
It was eye-opening and a good read.
Now for on-topic - had a great pot of a blend of Huila decaf and Sidamo
this a.m.  Tasty and not too buzzy!

18) From: Angelo
Well, all these "wars on" have accomplished bringing lots of "pork" into 
the treasuries of the law enforcement communities and all the politicians 
and businessmen along the way. I find it interesting that we haven't won a 
"war on" anything since WWII. We still have rampant poverty, illiteracy, 
drugs, terror and pornography (yeah!!)
I think the gov't needs a new marketing gimmick, and ought to drop the 
military metaphor. It's getting embarrassing...
I just hope the Mormon lobby doesn't get the ears of some Senators and 
convinces them to wage a war on that "Killer Kaffeine".

19) From: John Blumel
On Oct 14, 2004, at 6:13pm, Angelo wrote:
So are you advocating a war on 'wars on'?
John Blumel

20) From: Gene Smith
The trouble is, Angelo, there appears to only be a choice of two: if they 
give up the 'war' metaphor, that only leaves the 'sports' metaphor, which 
they normally reserve for operations where they aren't expecting any 
'collateral damage.'
Gene Smith
top o' the ninth (politically speaking), in Houston

21) From: Angelo
Don't get me started on the sports metaphors. The penultimate FUD machine...
Right now, I am inundated with Yankees vs. Bosox fever. ugh! The behavior 
of the fans on both sides is deplorable...
I don't think they should sell coffee at those games. Makes them even more 
hyper...(n0otice how smoothly I brought it back on topic) (i!)

22) From: miKe mcKoffee
Ginny knows what to give them instead of coffee to mellow them out!;-)
Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
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23) From: Gene Smith
Aww...relax & enjoy, Angelo.  After all, the Yankees/Sox matchup is perfect 
for the expression of the Curse Of The Bambino...something even coffee can't 
Gene Smith
who was a member of the lunatic fringe in Cambridge, Mass...in the latter 

24) From: Rick Farris
Well, maybe instead of getting together for martinis, we should meet at =
place I know in Del Mar, where there is a park bench at the top of the
cliffs overlooking the ocean, with a thermos of coffee, a few brownies, =
watch for the green flash as the sun goes down...  :)
-- Rick
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25) From: miKe mcKoffee

26) From: Oaxaca Charlie
--- Rick Farris  wrote:
 Whoa...Ricky and Ginny sittin' in a tree, b r o w n i ees...;o)
Brick Oven Roasting in British Columbia
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27) From: miKe mcKoffee
Reminds me of the time many moons ago one of my younger brothers, Jay,
filched a bunch of brownies I'd made. He was a Junior in high school at the
time IRRC. Shared them with his girlfriend, both of them active Mormons
totally unaccustomed to mild altering substances. They thought they about
OD'd! Rather out of it to say the least. He never raided my brownies
again... The brownies weren't made with Kona like I do now, was Thai in that
batch, and not Thai robusta:-)
Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
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28) From: Angelo
Flashback time!
A couple of SF ladies were crashing in the vacant apt next store to me. 
They had left some brownies in some aluminum foil in the freezer. I thought 
they were just cookies they bought on the plane...
Well, I got up to go to work (teaching JR HS) and was a bit hungry, so I 
ate half a brownie for breakfast. I thought it tasted a little strange, but 
I figured that's the way hippie girls from SF made them.
By midday I was feeling very strange and thought I was having some sort of 
incident (stroke, heart attack). The kids I was teaching were saying, " The 
teacher looks high", and I was denying it because I didn't think I was. I 
was even considering going to hospital...
That evening I found out. Now, I won't even eat a Famous Amos....Too scary

29) From: miKe mcKoffee
All this brownie talk gave me an off the wall idea, a brownie speedball:
brownies made with Kona & KONA!
(And in a previous life I would have made them, except I'd have been
spending so much on KONA couldn't afford Kona:-)
(I may have just shy of 24yrs Clean from addictive addiction but I'll always
think like an addict...)
Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
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30) From: Les
All this brownie talk!  When I was in 10th grade my girl friend was in
home economics.  She was complaining that their class had to make
brownies for the teachers meeting after school the next day.  My
friends Bob, Allen, Clint, and I went to Allen's house and made up 6
batches of brownies with exLax and swapped them during lunch the next
day.  We got two days off school!
On Fri, 15 Oct 2004 19:42:14 -0700, miKe mcKoffee  wrote:

31) From: Ed Needham
...and here's to you, Mrs. Robinson...

32) From: Angelo
I don't think that would work. I'm 66. Hardly a "boy toy", any more :-)

33) From: Ed Needham
(heheheh...I knew that) Not many on this list are 'spring chickens', but 
somehow that 'dahling' conjured up a combination 'Betty Davis and Mrs. 
Robinson' image in my twisted mind.
Ed Needham (I need more therapy)
"to absurdity and beyond!"
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