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Topic: Most roasts in a HotTop (7 msgs / 126 lines)
1) From: Clifton Burkett
I was wondering who has the most roasts on their HotTop? Mine will be =
year old on 24 December. At three 9 oz roasts a week that's about 70 =
so far.
My HPR is still cranking although it hasn't gotten much of a workout =
since I
got the HotTop. Don't know how many roasts I have on it.
Clif - SomeWhere in Florida with 
Odie the Corgi and  Garfield the Tabby

2) From: Wandering John
I probably do.  I have one of the 16 original units to be landed in
the US.  Tom and a couple of others on the list may have had theirs as
long, but mine is my main roasting method.  I roast four pounds a week
in mine.  And it is still producing quality roast after quality roast.
John - loving life in the slow lane. 
On Sat, 16 Oct 2004 20:02:31 -0400, Clifton Burkett

3) From: alfred
Two three hu ndred gram roasts per week, sometimes three.
Consistant results time after time
Roasting at home can't get better than this.

4) From: Barbara Greenspon
I have had my HotTop since May, and I have consistently roasted at least 
5 300 g roasts a week since then.  I have been using the wire 
replacement filter since the end of August.  Its a short time, but I 
love it and it still feels like my NEW roaster.
alfred wrote:

5) From: alfred
I use the wire replacement filter as well but keep wondering where I can 
obtain some of the black foam like material that backs it up.
It can't  be that difficult. It looks like just thin foam material.
Any ideas, anyone?

6) From: Barbara Greenspon
I just haven't had the need for it.  My coffee is roasting beautifully.
alfred wrote:

7) From: George Holt
How long has the hot Top been on the market? I've roasted about 50
pounds since April. Not using it as much since I got my RK Drum setup.
Still love it for when I need to finesse a batch of preimo beans.
On Sun, 17 Oct 2004 14:20:05 -0500, Barbara Greenspon  wrote:
Living Large In Waxhaw, NC.
George Holt

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