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Topic: Odd Aqua and White WB Air Corn Popper (6 msgs / 117 lines)
1) From: Oaklandguy
Well, I've tried several batches of Sidamo in this.  The fan is amazing.
From what others have posted, it could be that the guts are a Popper I.
It's loud and really moves the air.  This popper can handle 6 oz. =
needing stirring.
Heating is another matter.  Even varying bean amounts (4 oz. - 6 oz.),
turning off/on, and stirring, first crack happens in the first 3 =
Second crack doesn't seem to occur.  The loud motor could be drowning it =
though.  The roasts tend to be more uneven (more yellow beans) than a =
PII or
a Toastmaster roast.  The roast also smells different than in a PII or a =
Not burnt but a better, more "roasted" smell than the other poppers.
Not sure about this popper yet but will tinker around more and try some
different beans and see what happens.
The pluses are that it can be tipped (nearly on its side) without the =
coming off, the heavy-duty fan, and the on/off switch.
Roasting in an I-Don't-Know-What for a drip brew

2) From: Angelo
Is that the one with the clear, dome-shaped top? If so, I have one of those 
I got in a thrift shop, new. For some reason I didn't stay with roasting in 
that machine. I don't remember why not. I use a Hamilton Beach Pumper now 
and am quite happy with it..
If I remember correctly, it wasn't a very high-wattage machine.

3) From: Oaklandguy
Thanks for sharing your experience.  It is the one with the clear, domed
top.  It's rated at 1200 watts/120 volts, same as a PII and a Toastmaser.
After doing some side-by-side comparison, my uneducated (but made by
observation) guess is that the fan in the aqua popper is just too strong.
The beans don't stay near the bottom of the popping chamber after 1st crack
- they keep being blown towward the middle of the chamber.  In  the PII and
the Toastmaster, the beans stay toward the bottom of the chamber and get
more "air borne" as they dry out.  Even then, there still seems to be
contact with the bottom of the chamber, near the heat source.  Whereas the
beans stay further up the popping chamber in the aqua one, away from the
heat source.
I've now tried Mokha Mattari and Huila in the aqua popper and had similar
irregular results as with the Sidamo.
The aqua oddball won't replace the other poppers, but it might be worth
playing around with.  I hate to throw away $4.50!  :)
Roastin' in a PII for a drip brew

4) From: Edward Spiegel
Maybe using more beans will help. A denser bean mass will result in greater heat build-up. If the fan is really strong this should help.
Just my .02,
At 1:11 PM -0700 10/17/04, Oaklandguy wrote:

5) From: Angelo
You could always use it to...are you ready? ...pop corn :-)

6) From: Oaklandguy
Corn?  In a popper?  Dem's fightin' words!  :)
Actually, brewed up some of the Sidamo roasted in the aqua popper.  1st
crack started at 3 minutes (lasted about 1.5 minutes) and took the roast to
10 minutes (no 2nd).  It brewed up a great cup.  Very nice mouthfeel and
very flavorful -- nice acidity and chocolate with some nice fruit notes
(kind of a spicy berry).
Roastin' in a PII for a drip brew

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