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1) From: Oaklandguy
First.  Has anyone heard from Gin?  Is she OK?  Anything we can do?
Second.  I received a Bialetti 3-cup electric moka pot as a gift.  I am
thrilled to have it and gave it a trial run this morning.  Definitely =
flavor from the coffee and really, really enjoyable.
But (and someone else on list mentioned this) there is a definite
aluminum/metallic flavor -- very sharp and "tangy".  After the first =
brew, I
washed it and brewed another pot.  The taste was still there
Any ideas on how to get rid of the metallic taste?  Should I just buy =
canned stuff and make several pots to "season" the moka pot?  Any ideas =
And everyone's right.  This is an illness.  Started this is July and now =
poppers, an SC waiting for a CO, 15 lbs. of greens, messing with brews =
improve them, messing with roasts to improve them, a moka pot, and who =
what else!  But, all told, I think my investment is still under $200 =
counting beans).  No pun intended.  And, even with all of that, still =
best coffee than I've had in a lot of years.  
Roasting in a PII for a drip brew

2) From: Dave Huddle
I have two different sizes of the Bialetti electric moka pots.
As I recall, Bialetti suggests NOT washing the moka pot with soap or
detergent -- just rinse well with plain water.
Also, they recommend discarding the first few brews, till the pot is
I've been playing with mine to get an enjoyable cup.  The best I had
was with Ethiopian Harrar, ground quite coarse, unplugged brewer when
the brew was about 1/2 done - let it coast to a finish.  A moderate or
fine grind has always given me a bitter cup.

3) From: Oaklandguy
Thanks for the great suggestions.  None of that was mentioned on the =
inserts or directions.  Probably should have looked at their website, =
huh?  I did remember that the grind should be coarse, so didn't get a =
cup.  Brewed the first two pots with Sidamo and enjoyed all the flavor -
except for the metallic flavor.
I'll pick up a can of ground coffee (shudder!) and run a couple of =
And will stop washing it.
Brewin' in a PII for a drip brew

4) From: Angelo
A while back someone posted the link to a web site by two Italian guys 
explaining (in very "creative" English) how to get the perfect cup of Moka 
brew. The pot they were using was the funkiest piece of cookware I've seen. 
I don't think they had EVER washed it....lol
If anyone has that link, please post it. It's a barrel of laughs

5) From: Felix Dial
On Tue, 19 Oct 2004 15:11:08 -0400, Angelo  wrote:
Here's the link:http://www.caffeina.org/caffe/inglese/casamadre.htm 
Happy Roasting,

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