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1) From: alfred
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We will really never know what a God shot is until we meet Him face to =
There are so many variations in any given pour that despite the very =
best equipment or the best technique some will be better than others.
That is where the thrill is, in the striving.
I take the same green bean, the same roast levels under the same =
conditions and the results can be from just OK to  incredible.
As you learn, even the worst are acceptable and the best-------

2) From: Michael Dhabolt
Blend of:
50% Yellow Bourbon         City+
25% Harrar Horse #30       City
15% Monsooned Malabar 'Elephant'      Full City
10% Aged Sumatra (the last - sigh)       Full City
Two day rest...so far.
Post roast blended.
1.5 Oz pulled @ 201F
Taste:  Everything +++,  bittersweet chocolate linger that doesn't quit.
Mike (just plain)

3) From: Barry Luterman
Told you the yellow bourbon was a winner

4) From: Michael Dhabolt
It's not that I don't take your appraisal as gospel, but I fully
expected this years to not be 'quite' up to the quality of last years.
 Not so, this is soooo good that I'll have to start limiting my
consumption again - or I'll be buzzing two inches off the floor.
Mike (just plain)

5) From: Michael Dhabolt
I've got to try the same blend with the Gethwumbwini Peaberry instead
of the HH Lot 30.
Every once in awhile things are so right-on that it gets your
enthusiasm back into play.
Mike (just plain)

6) From: Barry Luterman
I've got 24 lbs and I share

7) From: Barry Luterman
That should be outstanding. I use the Geth in a lot of my blends. It is a 
little to acidic for a SO but it blends nicely with almost everything. 
Should be outstanding with the Bourbon

8) From: Scott Miller
I have all those beans ... and  I'm roasting tomorrow ... OH JOY!
Michael Dhabolt wrote:

9) From: Alchemist John
Is that (and you of course) going to be at the espresso jam this weekend?
At 13:20 8/29/2006, you wrote:
John Nanci
AlChemist at large
Zen Roasting , Blending & Espresso pulling by Gestalthttp://www.chocolatealchemy.com/

10) From: miKe mcKoffee
Sounds excellent. How many pounds did you roast for Saturday?-) I've =
gotten one halfer roasted of the BYB so far, I agree quite good SO, even
just press pot at the beach!
FWIW got my roasting done early this morning for Saturday: 2.5# Summer =
Blend (5 equal parts pre-roast blended Aged Sumatra, Brazil Cerrado Lot =
(CD Process), Brazil Cerrado Lot 144(DP), Ethiopian Harrar FTO Oromia =
Kona Premium Coffee Co. Fancy. Five 1/2# Rosto batchs all to LFC my 450f
just tickling 2nd, 2, 1:30, 2 Plus half pounders of =
Gesha (last of Don Pachi 05), Horse 30 & DP Yirg'. (all quicker 11 to =
City+ ranges)
May get a bit more roasting done tomorrow morning. Any later won't have =
to be close to rest ready.
Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
URL to Rosto mods, FrankenFormer, some recipes etc:http://mdmint.home.comcast.net/coffee/Rosto_mod.htmUltimately the quest for Koffee Nirvana is a solitary path. To know I =
first not know. And in knowing know I know not. Each Personal =
found exploring the many divergent foot steps of Those who have gone =

11) From: Alchemist John
I have a preroast blend of 1/3 Green Stripe 
Harrar, 1/3 Ghimbi, and 1/3 Sidamo - all DP.  It 
is the blend I have been using for the last few 
months and since I know it so well, thought it 
would be good for cross machine evaluations.  It 
roasted up yesterday so it would be all ready for 
Saturday.  Only a pound although I may put a 2nd one on.
At 18:24 8/29/2006, you wrote:
John Nanci
AlChemist at large
Zen Roasting , Blending & Espresso pulling by Gestalthttp://www.chocolatealchemy.com/

12) From: Michael Dhabolt
John, miKe,
I will roast 2 #s tonight.  That means 3rd day rest for Saturday. Yes,
barring unforseen circumstances I'll see y'all Saturday - looking
forward to seeing you guys.  Barry, we'll miss ya.
I hope the Scace shows up.  I'm bringing a La Cimballi that I want to check out.
Mike (just plain)

13) From: Michael Dhabolt
Only had 70 gms of the aged Sumatra left - made up the remainder (of
that 10%) with Lintong DP.  Had enough of the Sul De Minus Yellow
Bourbon.  And came to the conclusion that I had better order more of
the Elephant MM (enough left for a few more roasts).  Plenty of the
Lot 30 left and have 20# of the green stripe on the way.
Looks like I had better order tonight,  I'm sure gonna miss that aged
Sumatra (Tom if you read this - hint, hint).
Mike (just plain)

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