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Topic: a-bean-o like Sulawesi "aged Kalossi" (6 msgs / 193 lines)
1) From: gin
Hi all:
As I type the HT is churning away with the LAST, oh no not that, of my above mentioned bean.
Does anyone out there in roastland know is a similar bean? This particular bean makes a fabulous single origin 
espresso and I am very said to see the bag empty.
I got the last 5lbs Tom had last year and have been carefully uding it since.
thanks in advance,

2) From: gin
Thanks so much.
By far this is the best bean I have ever tried for a single origin espresso, cooked at 6/7 in the Hot Top.
Have never had a bean like it period. I have tried many other beans and nothing matches it.
Maybe there is some in an old warehouse someplace, I will go get it and share if Tom can find it.
I sent some several months ago to another list member because he had made the same remarks about this
magic bean and Tom had no more...
too bad for me.
Thanks again Jim, if you find a close one let me know. I will do the same.

3) From: gin
Thanks so much for the input.
What I have is the 1999. I remember when I got the bean it had a very "hinky" smell. I liked it smell and am sorry I cannot get more.
I will place an order this afternoon for the  " Aged Lintong" and give it a try.
Do all of the aged coffees have "that" smell?
I did not realize that there were so few "aged" coffees around.
Thanks again,

4) From: Jim Schulman
On 25 Oct 2004 at 0:00, gin wrote:
I used up the last of this magic improves-any-espresso-blend 
bean a few weeks back, and I've been trying replacements for the 
last six months. Sorry, no go. Afaik, only Tom carries aged 
beans, and his current aged Sumatra is quite different -- more 
intense, and with some flavor notes that puts a tasters people 
off. The Sulawesi had a **subtle** aged taste that will be hard 
to match. 
I think regular Sulawesi is closer than the aged sumatra or 
monsooned malabar. I haven't tried a blend of say 2/3rds regular 
sulawesi and 1/3rd of either of the aged beans; that may make 
the best substitute.

5) From: Pecan Jim Gundlach
      I am close to the same sad state.  The last five or six times I've 
roasted, I've looked at the last batch of the aged Kalossi in the bag 
there and have decided to delay the sad experience.  The only aged 
coffee Tom has at the moment is the Sumatra Lintong, I have some of it 
but it is no Kalossi.   It seems that aged coffees are getting to be 
fewer and further between.  I really do missed the Old Java Brown.
        Jim Gundlach
On Oct 25, 2004, at 12:33 PM, gin wrote:

6) From: Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee
I agree with Jim - the regular Sulawesi is closer than other Aged 
coffees. I cupped Aged Java Old Brown (those who have been around 
remember this bad boy) and it was HORRIBLE. I mean, with aged coffees 
you are walking a fine line bettween smokey, deep chocolatey, low 
acid, pungent cup character and defective tainted cup character. It 
is amazing how quickly the good qualities become inverted in an aged 
coffee. This Aged Java was truly disgusting. I also did cup an Aged 
Sulawesi a month ago and while not sulpherous and acrid liked the 
Aged Java, it was not good either. I stand by the Aged Lintong ( we 
are into our last delivery of it now, so I imagine another 3-4 mos. 
will be it) but I realize it is a different type of cup than the Aged 
Sula. you are roasting, Gin. Aged lots are a risk and there are only 
3-4 new ones made available each year. So I definitely don't have as 
much cupping to do, nor as much freedom in finding a really good one, 
like all other coffees where I can cup 10, 20, 50 ... or with Kenyas, 
100's of lots. Tom
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