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1) From: Gene Smith
Since I didn't get any response the first time, let me ask again.
Can anyone suggest beans that would go together nicely in a blend that 
typically take different times to roast?
My sequential melange roast experiments have so far just been using 
available beans, but I think it would be perfect if I could mix some beans 
that roast best at different time durations.
So far, I have added extra beans at 2 and 4 minutes into the roast, then 
proceeding to finish in my normal manner.  My first try was with Tom's decaf 
Komodo blend.  I reported that when I tried it fresh from the roaster, it 
had a bit of the green 'grassiness.'  24 hours later, this is completely 
gone, and I am having a very lovely cup of it right now.
However, I have noted that in Tom's blends that I've tried, some of the 
beans roast faster than others...so that at the end of the roast, some are 
noticeably darker than others.  From this result, it seems as though I ought 
to be able to start the beans that end up lighter first, followed by the 
ones that end up darker a few minutes later.  BUT, I'm not experienced 
enough to know what beans might be candidates for this experiment.
For my specific little air roaster (Aromaroast) it would be ideal to find, 
say, 3 beans that would end up more-or-less evenly roasted at 16, 14, and 12 
minutes roast time.  Because part of this melange roast thing is variations 
in the amount of roast adding to the flavor, the actual times don't need to 
be that separated...I'm just looking for beans that would lend themselves to 
this process.
I'm about to go try a regular caffeinated batch of mixed South & Central 
American beans with my sequential roast, and will report results.
Gene Smith
riding the wild learning curve, in Houston

2) From: Gary Townsend
Gene, for the reasons that you have already stated, I roast each
origin seperately from the others, my favorite, level, then postblend,
usually on a whim. I use 3 -4 different poppers, load each one up, and
fire away. I end up an hour later with 2 or 3 roasts, and blend
differently, depending on what I have on hand. One of my favorites was
a 50/50 mix of Kenyan and Yirgacheffe. I roasted the Kenyan to Full
City ++, and the Yirg to a City +. Hit both the sweet-spots, really
great stuff. Bad thing, was running out of Yirg.
I think Tom posted some 'recipies' or suggestions a while back, I'm
sure I read in the archives...
On Mon, 1 Nov 2004 11:37:34 -0600, Gene Smith  wrote:

3) From: AlChemist John
OK, here is a candidate.  It is one of my favorite blend, but usually I 
roast it individually and then blend it.  Brazilian Dulce at 11 minutes 
(total roast time), Sidamo at 10 minutes, Harar at 9 minutes.   Fully 
reading your request for 16, 14, 12 I think this blend might stand a 
chance.  Let me know.  In general, mix wet and dry process, with the WP 
going in first.  You could try a WP, DP, aged also
Sometime around 09:37 AM 11/1/2004, Gene Smith typed:
John Nanci 
AlChemist at large
Zen Roasting , Blending & Espresso pulling by Gestalthttp://www.dreamsandbones.net/blog/http://www.chocolatealchemy.com/

4) From: Gene Smith
Thank you very much for the guidelines, John.  I successfully used my 
sequential melange roast on some regualar beans yesterday, and will try them 
out today or tomorrow when the batch I'm using runs out.
In fact, it worked even better with regular beans than decaf.  I ended up 
being able to roast approximately 50% more than the normal limit for my 
roaster for a single roast.
I must hasten to add that I roast to Vienna, typically.  I don't think the 
additive technique would be as successful for lighter roasts...you just 
don't have enough time to play with.  As it was, I ended up with half-again 
as much as I can usually roast, with some of the beans on one end being a 
bit past Vienna, and just a few on the other at around a cinnamon.
It will be interesting to see how it tastes.
Gene Smith
riding the wild learning curve, in Houston

5) From: petzul
 From my limited experience with a Popper I have been searching for 
consistency. You have pointed out what I have been doing all along.... a 
melange roast. Usually I do 3 or 4 batches in a row, and they all come 
out a little bit different, but mixed together they are awesome.
Thank you for experimenting and reporting on increasing the batch size. 
I will try this with my P1 and let you know how much I can gain. Looks 
like I may need to get an even larger lamp chimney :)
Where the wind has finally stopped, here in cool (60F) LHC.
Gene Smith wrote:

6) From: Gene Smith
I'll be very curious to know if the technique works on a popper, too, Peter.
Gene Smith
riding the wild learning curve, in Houston

7) From: Gary Townsend
Gene, all kidding aside, I roast batches of the same bean with 4 -5
different poppers. Even though I can get pretty close to the same
consistancy of each, I find its always a little off (but close enough,
for gov't work) & the other night I put up little piles of each
individual roast, of the same bean, but with 4 different popper, and
they all were a little different. I used a sheet of white poster board
paper, and a strong 100 watt light ( it was night-time, and I can
roast inside my shop now) So I've been unintentionally Melanging this
whole time. I'm going to intentionally Melange one at City, 1 at City
+ - Full City ++, and mix them up and see if I notice any difference.
Give me a couple of days to grind up my last pound, I did a 50/50 mix
of Kenyan & Guat, the Kenyan was Full City ++, the Guat was cut off @
City- City +, I'm getting ready to sip it right now, actually!
On Wed, 3 Nov 2004 16:06:47 -0600, Gene Smith  wrote:

8) From: Peter Schmidt
Along similar lines (sorry Alfred if this ends up stealing your
  Something that I tried today in my SC/GG, right after 1st, scooping out
enough for a press pot.  Further into the roast scooping out more.  At Full
City+ scoop out more.  And then the roast finishes at a light Vienna.  4
samples from a Żlb. roast!  Lifting the GG to retrieve the beans doesn't
hurt, as I'm usually trying to stretch the roast anyway.
  Those of you with this roaster may want to try it!
Peter Schmidt

9) From: Gary Townsend
I've been searching for a blend that my wife and I both like, all it
took was finding the right 'roast' for her tastes (guat's) & mine
(aribica's). And after melanging Kenyan (4 roasts of City through Full
City ++) & Guat ( 4 more roasts of City thru City ++ ) =  a full
bodied, totally different coffee with a chocolaty malted aftertaste! 
Amazing stuff! We tried it with a 10 cup pour-over, to get the full
I'm so amazed that my wife is finally coming around. This morning,
after she made the morning coffee (1st time in 2 month's)... she
said...'we need a better grinder'. I had a blade grinder for a couple
of weeks, then 'upgraded' to a slightly used capresso burr grinder
($20, included with an E-bayed Delonghi 'caffe-nabucco'). The bright
side to all of this is that that grinder has served it's purpose. It's
messy-static-clingy plastic helped me get a new grinder, WO begging or
pleading my case. FYI, my wife has never read one single post about
home-roasting, let alone the ' your-grinder-sucks 'weekly'- thread'
I explained how I really wanted to get a Rocky, and she's all for it.
Wow. So, I'm going to wait until this weekend, and we'll go to the SM
web page, together, and order 'our' new grinder. ( and you know Miss
Silvia's right around the corner...)
See, the really bad grinders can serve a purpose, if only to
demonstrate how (on their own merits) comparatively inferior they
really are, and no substitute for quality.
I am really glad, now, that I tried blending these two beans, and
melanged (instead of mangling) something 'special' (to me,
anyway)...now...I'm off to work.
On Wed, 3 Nov 2004 16:22:13 -0600, Gary Townsend  wrote:

10) From: petzul
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What a great story Gary. Sounds like the way I should have done it.. 
well I tried it that way but my wife is (was) just pleased with the 
delonghi burr grinder from ebay, except for the mess. Anyway, I ordered 
a Mazzerr Mini with her begrudging consent, and it is neater, but that 
is all she sees in it. Now to me there is a world of difference.
Congrats on your Rocky :)
Just roasted some Kona, here in LHC
Gary Townsend wrote:

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