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Topic: Tomorrow and tomorrow - let it's end it today (17 msgs / 369 lines)
1) From: gin
I agree, though it does start out as a bit of fun...
Some folks are way, way to serious.

2) From: gin
interesting Craig.

3) From: gin

4) From: gin
we would not be having all this trouble if you guys remembered:
Viva la goddess shot!

5) From: gin
so we make changes...

6) From: gin
Brent my lad,
very gooddess

7) From: SweetMaria's Coffee
Hi  - I hope we can end this political chatter on the list.
   I know that this election is pretty bitterly divided but once it is 
over (which might not be this evening....) we do have to go back to 
being just Americans who can grumble about the government to our 
hearts content. Part of having a discussion forum is having  respect 
for other people's opinions and not antagonizing each other.
  Tom and I  both have our opinions about the matters in this election 
- but this is not a good forum for that.
Best- Maria
                   "Great coffee comes from tiny roasters"
            Sweet Maria's Home Coffee Roasting  -  Tom & Maria

8) From: Jim Wheeler
Thank you for the voice of reason.  I am about to wear out a delete
key because of the political drivel.  We all have opinions and like to
voice them, but I would rather hear opinions about coffee on this
list.  If I want politics, I can always turn on the tube.
My only political message is that everyone should vote.
BTW, a fresh shipment of coffee from Sweet Maria's has brightened our
day and a sample is roasting as I type this.
Looking forward to sampling the latest from your store.
-- Jim in Skull Valley

9) From: Justin Marquez
Amen to that emotion!
My order from SM with 2 new coffees (a Guatemalan and a Kenyan) and a
Swiss Gold 1-cupper just came in a few minutes ago here at the office.
 That put a smile on my face!
Safe Journeys and Sweet Music
Justin Marquez (Snyder, TX)http://www.justinandlinda.comOn Tue, 2 Nov 2004 15:13:13 -0700, Jim Wheeler  wrote:

10) From: alfred
Amen to this post:
It is really not in our hands, but the Lord's.
Whomever He picks, for whatever reason
Tomorrow I will say
Hail to the Chief!
Yes, we are all Americans
Now let's get back to coffee.

11) From: Steve
How about we drop the politics AND the religion (is there anything
more divisive?) and then get back to the coffee?  ;-)
On Tue, 2 Nov 2004 14:50:41 -0800, alfred <2391> wrote:

12) From: Craig Shields
Maybe I'll offer a pound of SM to the person who can come up with the
best haiku involving God, both political parties, and Folger's
On Tue, 2 Nov 2004 14:55:57 -0800, Steve  wrote:

13) From: HeatGunRoast heatgunroast
Tell you what:  I'll spare you my politics and poetry; You give me a
break with God and Folgers.
On Tue, 2 Nov 2004 17:10:29 -0600, Craig Shields

14) From: Maryann & Dave Schellenberg
alfred wrote:
Well, not quite all of us. Unless you mean "North Americans".
But we all (world-wide) have an interest in what happens today.
All in favour?
Dave S.

15) From: Steve
Demo? G.O.P.?
Both flawed, like Folger's Crystals.
Viva la god shot!
Do you need my mailing address?  :-)
On Tue, 2 Nov 2004 17:10:29 -0600, Craig Shields

16) From: Steve
But that would have screwed up my haiku, gin!  Can't let PCness stand
in the way of high-caliber artistic expression.  My creative reservoir
is probably tapped for the next decade...
On Tue, 2 Nov 2004 15:54:31 -0800 (GMT-08:00), gin

17) From: Oaklandguy
No party pleases
Goddesses care only that
Crystals were coffee

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