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Topic: Old Cory Vacuum Pot Problems (6 msgs / 144 lines)
1) From: John
Hi there folks :0
I'm new to forum posting but not reading.
I got a vintage Cory vacuum pot on ebay recently for 
17.00 $ and I am quite happy. The only problem is that it won't
go south even after 5 to 10 min?? it looks as if its clogged but I even
a regular grind. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
P.S the gasket does provide ample vacuum.
John Tobias
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2) From: Alec McCrackin
At 02:20 PM 4/29/01 Sunday, you wrote:
Way too long! Does none come down? Some down and then stops? All but a 
1. To experiment try the coarsest grind available - like for French press. 
7+ on the Solis. Then move to a finer grind step by step. [How are you 
grinding this? Using a whirly blade, even if the grind looks for the most 
part coarse, there might be enough powder to clog the rod.]
2. What kind of rod are you using?
3. How did you check the vacuum? Try moistening the gasket before putting 
the top on; that might help.
4. If a goodly amount has come down, you can try "bumping" it loose by 
heating it just a bit to loosen the wet grounds.
I use a gasketless Cory which does not draw quite so quickly; I doubt the 
problem is the gasket unless you've missed a huge crack.
Best guess is the grind.
Let me know, please.
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3) From: Bearhair
"John"  wrote:
   Keep the heat medium to low when it's going north.
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4) From: John
I use a flat burr grinder at about medium grind size. I use the Cory rod
that came with the pot. It has no cloth or paper filter, just the glass
rod with little bumps on the stopper mid way. 
It hardly goes South at all! maybe a an 1/8 th of a cup! The vacuum
works as it creates a huge sucking noise when I try to separate the two
and it works great without any coffee just water; it comes South in a
Thank you all for the quick and detailed responses. You guys are great!
John Tobias

5) From: Glenn R. Holmes
Hi John. 
A medium grind should be fine. I use medium-fine for mine with a glass
Rod.  Medium-fine is 1 click below mid scale on my Solis 166. 
You must use low heat! This is important. 
On my Maytag electric I use a setting of 4 out of 10. 
John wrote:
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6) From: Steve D

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