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Topic: Nice weather for Roasting (8 msgs / 162 lines)
1) From: gin
I arrived in Oregon yesterday afternoon andright niow it's 25 out. Me thinks I will stay in and play.

2) From: gin
you are correct but my hot top is in CA,
slight problem. I wish is was not because I forgot to bring roasted and what is here my be too old.

3) From: gin
absolutely, the state could not endure the two of us.

4) From: Gregg Talton
We had a cold front move through the south and the temperaturs sure
are nice for roasting.  I usually have to play games to slow my popper
roast (I'll eventually buy a Variac) but with high temperatures in the
upper fifties there's no need.
I'm also impressed with the difference voltage makes in a home.  We
sold our house about a year ago and took our time searching for a new
one.  While looking we lived in an apartment. During that time it was
difficult to reach second crack on most popper roasts even with a
modified popper.  We moved into a new house about three weeks ago and
the difference is incredible.  If the ambient temperature is above 65,
and I don't touch the popper, second crack arrives in about four
Well, I'm off to build a work bench in the garage and roast the last
of my Uganda Bugisu and Guatamala Antigua Los Pastores.
Now roasting in Helena, Alabama

5) From: John Blumel
On Nov 26, 2004, at 12:23pm, gin wrote:
That's perfect weather for doing back-to-back roasts in your Hottop, 
especially if there's a light breeze.
John Blumel

6) From: Tom Ulmer
Cold front moved through here last night also. Got the air conditioner off
and the windows open.

7) From: Ben Treichel
gin wrote:
So you left AZ since I was coming to Phoenix. :-(

8) From: Ben Treichel
gin wrote:

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