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Topic: Alfred, where are you (13 msgs / 238 lines)
1) From: gin
hey Mr. Martini Man, you around? a square? perhaps an oval!

2) From: alfred
Yes, .
Today I had a 911 type of emergency. I neglected to roast in preparation for 
my morning press pot and awoke to a coffeeless household. It doesn't really 
get much worse than this.
Merry Christmas to you and yours.

3) From: Les
100 CSA demerits for running out of coffee!
Dr. Crema
On Sat, 4 Dec 2004 14:47:09 -0800, alfred <2391> wrote:

4) From: Terry Stockdale
Yeah, that same thing can happen with vacqtion trips, too.  You don't want 
to leave any good coffee to get stale while you're gone, but can't bear to 
have no homeroast ready when you get home.  Which is a worse fate:  leaving 
good coffee to go bad or waking up without coffee?  Woe!
How about this solution?  Take your roaster along with you.  Just gently 
explain to the wife that you have to put the gas grill and RK Drum in the 
back seat, and she'll have to put the propane tank under her feet in the 
car.  I'm sure she'll understand;  just don't let her hold the spit 
rod.  If you do, she may argue in a very pointed manner!
Let me know how this works.  I'll let you try it with your wife before I 
try it with mine!
Terry Stockdale -- Baton Rouge, LA
   http://www.terrystockdale.comAt 04:47 PM 12/4/2004, Alfred wrote:

5) From: John Blumel
On Dec 4, 2004, at 8:22pm, Terry Stockdale wrote:
An easier solution is to just roast an extra couple of days worth of 
coffee, put it in an airtight container and throw it in the freezer. 
When you get home, take it out and you're set for the next day or two, 
which should give you time to roast and rest.
John Blumel

6) From: Gary Townsend
This was an interesting little article, presented by the nice people
at gmail, under related articles, you know, the stuff I usually
ignore. Makes me wonder what kind of filters are being used to put
these little tidbits in place.
BTW, I agree with John's solution, I started tossing in a 1/2# of
roast in the freezer, just in case. If I don't need it, I take it to
work with me, it gets used up in a day or so.
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This may not work, I'm feeling a little bit 'link challenged'
tonight...Maybe you can decipher the code if your bored and tell us
how google 'reads our gmail and figures out what's best for

7) From: Johnny Kent
At 10:47 PM 12/4/2004 -0600, you wrote:
Thanks for that.
 fyi the first link worked just fine though the second went nowhere near
the article.

8) From: DJ Garcia
I've come close but managed an evening-before batch.

9) From: DJ Garcia
Geesh! Aren't we strict today! Cut him a break, Doc. No fresh coffee is
punishment enough, me thinks ...

10) From: John Blumel
On Dec 5, 2004, at 11:31am, DJ Garcia wrote:
It's a punitive, unforgiving culture we live in. If Alfred lets this 
happen two more times, he'll have to drink Folger's for life.
John Blumel

11) From: alfred
Wow, what a sentence!
I may have to appeal.
Life without no bean control?(double negative)
A fate wirse than death

12) From: Gary Townsend
Things could be worse, Alfred. I'm an old school Army Sergeant, that
hates doing paperwork. So, I think up a way to make it painful for the
offender, without doing reports. Like say you were late for formation,
instead of reporting you, I would give you the option to make up the
time, after the last formation of the day. 5 minutes late, you owe the
Army an hour, and we will go pick up trash in the company parking lot
or motor pool area. I rarely had one of my soldiers show up late after
that. (word gets out). However, I noticed other Sergeants that went by
the book, continue to have the same problems repeatedly.
So, since this is a first time offense, I would let you off with a
warning, and the next time this happens, you will volunteer to clean
out the company coffee machine, after hours of course, on your time.
And clean and re-stock the coffee making area.
I think that's fair. Or you can lose 100 CSA points. Your choice.
On Sun, 5 Dec 2004 09:04:43 -0800, alfred <2391> wrote:

13) From: alfred
Did my time in WW2 and because the first sergeant didn't like me, I became 
very familar with the grease pits. Yuck!
Eventually outranked the SOB

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