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1) From: gin
I think with such a small stash you are doing whatr works for you; you obviously go through your coffee before buying out the store.

2) From: Bob Holland
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So now that I am aquiring a "coffee cellar" of fine green 
beans to play with, I was wondering how folks store their green beans?  I 
have all of mine in SM's cotton bags, but am finding my coffee box is not the 
best storage medium.  I was thinking about plastic tilt-out parts bins that 
could hold about a pound. I would keep them in the cotton bag so as not to pick 
up any plastic tastes.  Am I getting too AR about these 

3) From: Bearhair
 "Bob Holland"  wrote:
   Hey, Bob, in case you don't know it, you're posting in HTML.
   As for green bean storage, no, you're not getting too
anal-retentive - THIS is too anal-retentive:http://groups.google.com/groups?q=green+bean+storage+coffeekid&hl=en&lr=&safe=off&rnum=4&ic=1&selm=s5bdlsoomis0lsddm34e40agg3c91k0l65%404ax.com   I bought an 8-drawer pine cabinet
the picture is gone) to house mine.
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4) From: Mike Liu
On  3 May 01 at 19:04, Bob Holland wrote:
I am sipping Wallenford Blue Mountain this morning, great in capa, still 
very good for Americano. I said "still" because this green bean have been 
in the cabinet for 2 years & 9 months after I received it. I did not know 
how long it was before I purchased.
The cabinet is fully closed and located in the drying room. Humidity in 
this drying room is normally around 20%, as indicated on the 
dehumidifier. So we can safely assume the humidity in the cabinet is 
around 30 - 40%, is slightly lower than the ideal humidity of 50% but it 
is better than the natural humidity in Taiwan. Normally it is about 60 - 
Mike Liu
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5) From: Ryuji Suzuki -- JF7WEX
What I pay attention for coffee greens: (1) beans do not absorb
undesirable odor, (2) beans do not loose its moisture content, (3)
fungi do not grow on beans or on the bag. I simply put beans in cotton
bags or a paper bags from local liquor / wine stores. I put them in a
big plastic box made for storing clothes etc. I open this box
frequently enough, but the lid is not tight anyway.
I have heared from multiple coffee experts that aged coffees often
tastes not as well as the new crop of the same origin. It may be a
risky thing to buy too much beans and age them yourself. (I am trying
to see how aging changes the taste by aging some amount of bean,
but I wouldn't do this on anything highly desirable.)
Ryuji Suzuki
Ryuji Suzuki
"Slow but steady wins the race." (anonymous, 19c.)
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6) From: Ryuji Suzuki -- JF7WEX
From: Ryuji Suzuki -- JF7WEX 
Subject: Re: +Green Bean Storage
Date: Thu, 03 May 2001 23:25:55 -0400
Oh, I place them in a cool dry place so that they don't receive strong
light or heat.
Ryuji Suzuki
Ryuji Suzuki
"All goods worth price charged." (Jack Daniel Distillery)
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7) From: Steve D
"Bob Holland"  wrote:
Good ole glass jars/jugs...from a quart to a gallon. Following legendary
advice I keep away from sunlight, heat, and stinky stuff in spite of storing
in glass. I started this long ago because of the advice of a Guatemalan girl
I know who's family has been growing coffee for 7 generations.  Her family
now owns 7 coffee plantations in Guatemala. It was she who taught me the
difference in freshly harvested/dried/shipped coffee and that whats been in
parchment for some time. I once bought several pounds of their Antitlan...a
freshly harvested batch. Then a couple of months later, I bought more of the
same batch. The coffee I had kept at home in jars changed less in color and
kept that "fresh harvest" flavor longer than the coffee that stayed stored
under the sugar/creamer/swizzle stick/napkin counter at their cafe. Their
coffee was behind closed doors and in the dark. Yes...I know..."it'll
mold"..."it'll never work"...etc. Unless the coffee's too wet, it shouldn't
mold. I've never had any to mold or anything negative to happen. BTW, I do
open each jar fairly often as I drink a different coffee every day. I've
been storing this way for several years now and *to me* the coffee seems to
change less/keep those fresh harvest flavors longer. Alas, the Guatemalan
chick was a good teacher...but only Guat. coffee could be had {for sale} at
their business. Then, one day I emailed West Bend - the next day Chris
Schaefer called me and give me some strange URL.....
users1.ee.net/sweetmarias/sm.html.... --  and I've been a Sweet Marias
customer ever since! - Steve
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8) From: John
I received 10# of Costa Rican Terrazu Wednesday evening (UPS gets here
around 6PM) and because I had been out of CRT for too long, I immediately
roasted some. It was below par although very drinkable.  Then I realized the
error I had made.  It was 104 degrees down here and the beans had been in
the back of that metal truck for almost 12 hours. The beans were stressed!
I placed the rest of the beans in the locker and waited a day.  This morning
we tried some 40 hour old roast and it was back to wonderful!  So the
storage issue is real. Our home is climate controlled and the locker is
ventilated. I'm wondering what else I need to do.
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9) From: Mark
At 07:30 PM 5/3/2001, you wrote:
uhm. Thanks.
I think...
Meanwhile, the moppe set is working great, each drawer holds 5lbs nicely, 
and unfortunately, Ikea has discontinued this particular unit...
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10) From: Bearhair
On Mon, 28 May 2001, Mark  wrote:
   You know I love you, Mark!
   'Bout time you caught up reading your mail!
   I'm very intrigued by these bins - I'm afraid to ask how much they
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11) From: John Roche
Nice. But what kills me is the "False Front". They say bin doesn't have to
be full "to look good". So... you make a beautiful brass bin and design it
so you can hide the actual coffee contained in it. Because everyone knows
how ugly it would be to have a half full bin????
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12) From: Bearhair
On Tue, 29 May 2001, John Roche  wrote:
   Does Joe Consumer think that a less-than-full bin implies
staleness? And then doesn't watch the beans being bagged, or else he'd
see that the beans in the bin didn't move!
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13) From: alfred
This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
There were recent discussions on this issue and what was the consensus =
of opinion.
 I order it in the two pound bags from Marias and get three roasts per =
I generally keep a 20 pound stash and leave it in the bags it comes in.
I seem to recall that there was some discussion that you should move it =
to other bags to prevent moisture.

14) From: Dean De Crisce
I know this has been discussed...but I am asking for clarification. I am
accumulating too many greens. I prob have 40 lbs,
just ordered some more from SM and expect more for the geshas. At about a
little more than a lb a week (I am the only drinker
at home)...this is more than a year's worth. I don't have a humidor (as
others have spoken about) and barely have room to store
the beans alone. Can I put the SM bags inside of a freezer ziplock bag, and
put some of them in the regular freezer that is part
of our fridge (i.e. not a free-standing freezer). Our freezer is a modern GE
self defrosting thing...that does not accumulate ice.
Thanks for your input. I don't want the precious beans to lose flavor before
I can drink em!!
Dean De Crisce,
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15) From: Barry Luterman
Food Saver vac packs gives me 2 years for beans. I break the beans
down to 1 pound bags (if destined for Behmor) or 500 gr bags if
destined for my Hottop. Store in a cool dark closet. If you want
longer than that freeze them. Finally develop a set of drop in friends
who drink coffee.
On Wed, Jun 25, 2008 at 4:36 AM, Dean De Crisce  wrote:
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16) From: raymanowen
"I don't want the precious beans to lose flavor before I can drink em!!"
The classic coffee flavor doesn't even exist until the roast has taken
place. With the widely separated origins and transportation times, very few
people on the planet get coffee roasted without a finite lapse between
harvesting, processing and the roast.
I have had immense enjoyment lately of some '05 Uganda AA Bugisu roasted to
FC+. It was nowhere near as attractive when I first received it from SM. I
have taken great care in storage- bean #1 has not escaped the original
plastic shipping bag. Kept in the dark, cool recesses of our pantry, behind
and under a 20# bag of dried Pinto beans. The 5# of coffee beans was hidden.
Cheers, Mabuhay -RayO, aka Opa!
Hurry up and wait.
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17) From: Barry Luterman
I have been on stash reduction for about 6 months now. I am starting
to see the end of my 2007 lot and am still pleased. In April was still
drinking some 2006 and there may still be some lurking at the bottom
of the closet. Then about 30 pounds of 08 and I will be able to order
again. There is probably a little Geisha in my future. I Vac Pack but
do not freeze my greens. I don't think I have had to throw out more
than 5lbs of baggy beans since I have started Vac packing and my stash
has exceeded 100 lbs often.
On Sun, Jun 29, 2008 at 7:26 AM,   wrote:
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18) From: Dean De Crisce
do you have any method to special storing of green beans.
Based on barrys experience, I believe I will invest in a vac packer (30 bucks at target)...this is especially in regards to gesha I expect to buy.
Dean De Crisce
Sent from a Treo phone.

19) From: raymanowen
"any method to special storing of green beans."
Honestly, Not. The sealed shipping bags evidently do a good enough job of
maintaining the original atmosphere and environment of the green coffee, as
shipped from Oakland.
The elevation here is 5300 ft , so a slight vacuum relative to sea level,
if that has anything to do with it...
Cheers, Mabuhay -RayO, aka Opa!
Vacuum and freezing- -the Dirge of the Coffee Bean.
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