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1) From: Eric Fesler
Ok, I am ashamed to admit it but I never measure my ground coffee when I
make coffee.  I always eyeball it.  This was fine when the beans were a
constant but now that the beans are a variable this is not so good.  I can't
tell if I nailed a roast or missed it when the brew is inconsistant.  So I
think I need to get some advice here.
I think that the reason I always eyeballed the coffee amount was that the
amount of coffee I use to get a dark roast really rich and potent makes a
light roast completely undrinkable (sour).  Perhaps I am wrong on this.  I
have a couple of coffee scoops that seem fairly similar in size and I
believe the intent is 1 scoop per 6oz cup.  I use one rather heaping scoop
per for say Major Dickason (a fairly rich dark blend from Peets).
Do the rest of you use the same coffee to water ratio regardless of bean or
roast?  I don't really want to buy a scale as my wife is beginning to think
I am insane already.
On the plus side the water in the basket of my home drip (Kitchen Aid) seems
to be 190 after about 12oz have flowed through; I have yet to check the
maker at work.
So how much beans (volume measurement please) should I use per cup? and is
this measured beans or measured grounds?
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2) From: Gary Zimmerman
Eric Fesler wrote:
I adjust slightly for the bean and degree of roast, but I always try to err 
on the side of brewing too strong.  You can always add a little hot water 
to an overstrong brew.  I don't weigh my beans - I use a standard coffee 
scoop (two tablespoons worth) to measure out by volume.  My "standard" is 
to use a couple of those scoops for my morning coffee, 20-25oz.  More for 
light roasts and milder beans.
-- garyZ
        & vacuum
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3) From: Paul Jolly
Hi Eric,
I, too, eyeball the grounds for my coffee.  I
measured it once and I think it works out to
about 1/3 cup of beans for a 15oz mug.  My
preference is to drink darker roasts with some
1/2 & 1/2...but if I'm drinking a medium roast, I
keep the cream away!  It absolutely ruins the
nuances which waft up from a cup of City roast.
Since it sounds like you don't roast your own,
try Royal coffee sometime...I think their store
is either in Emeryville or Oaktown...but it
surpasses Peets by a county mile, in my opinion.
Happy drinking,
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4) From: Steve D

5) From: Sharon Allsup
One suggestion I do have is to use level spoons, not heaping 
spoons.  I find it's a lot easier to be consistent in my measuring 
because heaping can be anywhere from "mounded" to "stuff falling 
off the side", the latter being almost double the former.
My scoop at work is a little black thingy that came with my 
husband's espresso maker; I haven't taken it home and weighed 
what it holds; I use one truly level spoon of grouds per 1 cup of 
water (cup = 5 oz according to the brewer box). 
I also don't put the carafe into the work brewer (a $20 Krups cone 
drip brewer at my desk) until the water level indicator has gone 
down at least 1, almost 2 cups.  Letting the first cupful brew a bit 
longer gives a much richer (not necessarily stronger) pot.  This little 
brewer lets water run through too fast, I think.
I'm currently using the same ratios for all roasts and all coffees.  
Since I'm getting pots of coffee that I'm very happy with, I haven't 
been experimenting with the ratios - I'm still in the "experiment with 
beans and roast" stage.
How's the Kitchen Aid as far as convenience of use and cleaning? 
My husband makes coffee at home by measuring the beans before 
grinding:  1.5 tablespoons (and since he tends to heap a bit it's 
probably closer to 2) for a 10oz french press which ends up being 
about 7-8 ounces of final drink.  I find it a bit inconsistent but the 
flavor is still good, and he's happy with it.
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6) From: Eric Fesler

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