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Topic: update on bread machines (5 msgs / 96 lines)
1) From: petzul
So I went back to the thrift store to try out some other bread machines 
to see if I could get one that mixed slower.
To my surprise they all ran intermittently. They all can't be broke 
(could they?) but what I observed is that the motor runs for about a 
revolution and a half, then turns off for about a second or two...
Guess the one I bought (a Wellbuilt) is broke, or a different design, 
because the mixer runs constantly, at a little over 100 rpm (just a guess).
I am not sure if the pulsing would be a good thing or not.
It is way down on my list of things I want to try.
If someone else tries to convert a bread machine to replace a stir 
crazy, please let us know how the pulse type works, if that is what you 
wind up with.
Still have not tasted the re roasted, week old, original batch.. here in 

2) From: Randy Allen
most bread machines... (i have two) have a programmed profile built in that 
with intermittent initially, then goes to continuous, then "rests" a while, 
then goes
back to continuous.... dunno if there is a way to modify that, but suspect 
it'll be a pain....
unless you want to cannibalize it, wire the heater and the motor to run 

3) From: Brent - SC/TO Roasting
First, thanks for your perserverance!  Man, you are an inspiration.
I think the bread machines "pulse" because if the bread dough were
continually stirred, it would affect the outcome.  If dough gets
"handled too much it becomes a glutenous mess.
Another idea, though.  What about using a motor and shaft from a
standard fan?  
Roasting in an SC/TO
For drip, moka, and presspot brew

4) From: Peter Morrin
That pulsing does not last long.
It helps the water flour combine better.
Follow through and you will see the regular beat.
The intermitant bit might help with "drying out" the beans before a roast.

5) From: petzul
Thanks to everyone for the input on how bread machines work.
So far I feel lucky that the one I bought spins constantly.
It does mix the beans!
It will probably work better with a bit smaller batch, but then the stir 
crazy works fine with smaller batches also ;)
May be another case of reinventing the wheel here.
Always heading down dead end streets, here in LHC.
Peter Morrin wrote:

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