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Topic: 600, 700 800 Gram roasts today! (5 msgs / 145 lines)
1) From: petzul
You all know I mounted a stainless steel mixing bowl in/on an automatic 
bread machine so as to have more stirring power in the turbo crazy setup.
I roast outside.
Today it was 66F and quite breezy, which caused the roaster to heat up 
slower, but helped blow away the chaff. (and smoke)
When I first put it together (two weeks ago?) I initially did a very 
small roast, and next  did 1024 Gr. The large batch turned out terrible, 
partly because the heat turned off the mixer part way through, and 
partly because I had no real way to monitor the temperature.
To remedy this I drilled a quarter inch hole in the SS bowl near the 
top, and poked a length of 1/4 inch copper tubing through it, so it was 
in the beans, but above the stirrer.
The thermocouple goes in this tube and does not protrude out the end, by 
an eighth inch or so.
The reason to hang back is that I found little difference in readings in 
whether it did stick out or not;
and because it gets quite noisy when the copper probe contacts the 
stirrer, I thought it prudent to keep the TC tucked safely inside :)
Today I decided to start  a bit smaller.
With no preheating, the 600 gram batch went to full city in about 25 
I preheated and tried 700 grams.. took about the same time.
With 800 grams and preheating to 400F, the time was about 28 minutes to 
Vienna roast.
Vienna roast happened because I had changed the TC position a bit, and I 
really should have been paying closer attention.
Forget about hearing first crack with this setup.
I think the fact that it is sealed pretty good blocks all those sounds, 
plus it is about as noisy as a... bread maker ;)
The smaller batch I dumped when it was finished, and cooled it by 
pouring between my screen colander and a ss bowl.
This can get you burned!
With the other two batches I just cut the heat on the turbo, offset it a 
bit, and left the mixer and the fan on.
The beans cooled rapidly like this, and the chaff all blew away.
In two minutes the TC was under 300F and in 4 minutes I was able to 
scoop beans out with my bare hands.
Much nicer than dealing with 450F beans and trying to cool them in 
something else!
When it is not so windy out I will just set my box fan to blow across 
the roaster and direct the air inside with the offset turbo, same as in 
the wind today :)
So far it heats up too slowly to consider trying much of a profile. I am 
thankful it gets to second crack!
Perhaps adding insulation and roasting when it is less windy will speed 
up the ramp time.
Will let you know how this melange ( I mixed all three batches together) 
tastes in a couple of days.
Roasting coffee with little expense, here in LHC.

2) From: Gary Townsend
I just picked up a used breadmaker today...if my wife wasn't dragging
me to another office Christmas party...I'd be tearing it apart, right
PeterZ wrote:
With no preheating, the 600 gram batch went to full city in about 25
600 grams in 25 minutes? That's too long, Pete! My semi-stocker hits
FC+ in 16, and that's with me 'floating' the temp after 1st crack...
What kind of Convection oven are you using?
You are/are not using a 'bottom' heater?
Hmmm. I start my roasts at 350F for 5 minutes, then ramp up 25F(every
2 min) until I hit 1st crack. Then I back off the temp 25F and float
it until I want 2nd to start.
I usually see temps of 450F- 475F on finishing.

3) From: petzul
Go for it Gary!
Thanks for the input. So far I have been using thrift store turbo ovens :(
This one is a 'turbo air'. Guess it doesn't have enough guts for this, 
although it is the newest looking.
Will try some others and see if I can get the ramp time up. I have 
several from thrift stores.
This one ramps slow even when no beans in it. It does get to 500F though.
Nope, not using a bottom heater. May need to with large loads.
Gary Townsend wrote:

4) From: Gary Townsend
I didn't think that you were, but never hurts to check. I just got
back from the Christmas party at the Country Club, it was OK, but not
as great as the ones before. And they had no espresso machine, can you
believe that one? I tried a cup of black coffee, and I was pretty let
down. I happen to know the new owners of the club, and I'm going to
soften them up with some homeroasted coffee, and suggest that 'we'
need a 'real' espresso machine...maybe I could help out with some of
the details...
Tomorrow, it's operation time on my DAK bread machine...I need to
recharge the batteries in the digital camera...
On Sat, 18 Dec 2004 16:10:29 -0700, petzul  wrote:

5) From: Ed Needham
So how does it taste?  Exciting that you are getting this beast under 
control and actually roasting coffee!
Pictures please!
Ed Needham
"to absurdity and beyond!"
ed at homeroaster dot com
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