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1) From: gin
brown paper sacks with a wonderful note on the outside about the coffee would be terrific.

2) From: alfred
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Now that I am roasting, the word is getting around especially among the =
elders and pastors at our church. They are all caffine addicts and give =
my wife these broad hints about Christmas gifts.
The problem I have is they never give my !/2 pound bags back from Sweet =
Marias so that I can refill them. So here I am roating today, with no =
bags and no time to order more.
So what do I use, Zip Lock or what? The brown paper sacks used as =
luminaries by  Martha Stewart just don't cut it.

3) From: Sue
I recently ran into the same problem. I ended up going to using clear
plastic bags intended for candy and nuts. It doesn't keep the coffee
fresh for long, but they will probably drink it pretty quickly anyway!
I  bought them at a bulk food store. You can also get them with
holiday decorations, or ones that say Merry Christmas or whatever. I
tied a ribbon around the top, attached a little gift tag and it came
out looking pretty good. My daughter has picked up these types of bags
at party supply stores also.
On Thu, 23 Dec 2004 09:18:11 -0800 (GMT-08:00), gin

4) From: Peter Schmidt
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  Hefty 'freezer' ziplocks in quart size will hold almost a pound, =
1/2lb. easy.  What I like best about them is even after a day or two in =
my car, there is no aroma from the coffee.  Which tells me the freezer =
bags are made from a material that's less gas-permeable than the =
ordinary useless ziplocks.
  They're in a blue Hefty box, and are less than a dime each.  I hope =
you get this in time!
Roasting in the Shade in M'waukee

5) From: Sharon Allsup
Around here, it's understood that when someone gives you canned
preserves, you return the jar - and ring-lid if they left that on -
when you're done.  But most people wouldn't think of a coffee bag as
needing to come back.  I made some labels a whiles back saying "Please
return this bag so it can be re-used" and now I get most of my bags
back.  The downside is, most the bags are no longer really airtight
after having been washed, folded over few times, and so on.
So I switched to the freezer-type pint bags, the ones that are thick
enough to not let gases escape.  It's not as if the
third-to-half-pounders I give out are going to last long enough to get
stale.  Or at least stale to the palate of someone who's not familiar
with homeroast.  They're usually overwhelmed by the fullness of flavor
whether it's a day or a week opened.

6) From: Johnny Kent
FWIW my local cafe is happy to sell me a few bags at a reasonable price to
get by until more of the preferred ones can be had from Sweet Marias. Maybe
your local might also.
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