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Topic: A Christmas present for my Hot Top (5 msgs / 90 lines)
1) From: alfred
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I regularly roast 300 grams in my Hot Top. With a line voltage of 122.7V =
here in Oregon in the summer, I can get to second crack easily at a =
setting of four with two plusses.
Now that the line voltage has dropped to 115.7, I can't make second =
crack even with a setting of seven with all the plusses.
Conclusion: This is a job for a variac!
The one on Tom's website is a bright shiney red, so there goes another C =
On the other hand, it will make my Hot Top happy.

2) From: Terry Stockdale
At 03:55 PM 12/23/2004, you wrote:
You'll love having a variac.  Control of the voltage will enable you to 
repeat your roasts even more effectively.  Plug a multi-plug adapter into 
it, if you need to.  Then, hook the Hottop into one connection.  Hook your 
digital voltmeter into the other for continuous monitoring.
I made an adapter for mine by putting two _plastic-shell_ banana plugs from 
Radio Shack onto a cut-off extension cord -- much easier than trying to use 
the voltmeter's probes for continuous readings.
Terry Stockdale -- Baton Rouge, LA

3) From: Jeff Braman
I have a nice shiny red Variac from SM's that I use and set around
122F,; Had it when  I used "other" roasters, (fFresh Roast,etc(. My
Hottop has never been without it!
In Indiana the temperatures get very cold,; roasted most of my
Christmas coffee in 20F temps. (just above zero, now).
My roast s to a  very "little" into 2nd, probably average around 18
min. for 300gr.; just slightly longer than summmer (minute or less).
The heater has to heat the colder air vs warmer, but in the confined 
area of the Hottop, doesn't take much longer; the metal is a good
conductor and reflector.
Merry Christmas to all!

4) From: Randy Allen
doesn't your hottop get jealous when you talk about "other" roasters?

5) From: alfred
Randy: My Hot Top is very sensitive to criticism Ever since I installed the 
LED because I can't hear the beeper, it is resentful that I would modify it 
in any way.
Hey: Thanks again for the electrical trade school tips. Please send me that 
post again as I would like to keep it.
Both my sons are elevator mechanics and really dig the juice.
This morning I checked the line voltage again and it was down to 111.4. No 
wonder I was having problems. Can the power company do anything to fix this? 
I will order the variac from Tom on Monday.
Have a blessed Christmas

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