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Topic: TSUNAMI ATTACKS (12 msgs / 255 lines)
1) From: gin
Terrible things, take good care, are the coffee plants low?

2) From: gin
Jean, thanks. I will forward this to my sister who has zillions of miles.

3) From: Xerxes Lee
pray for us,
this morning 9AM (GMT +7 Bangkok, Jakarta) there was an earthquake
around Sumatra Island, and caused Tsunami effect around southern
Thailand (Phuket, Pi Pi, etc), Sri Lunka, India. Many thousands died.
Uncountable injured.
Tsunami will cause drought as aftershock, because the waves will draw
good soil back into the sea, coffee plantations around those area
might be affected.
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4) From: Dan Bollinger
Yes, a terrible disaster, to be sure.  Concerning your worry, aren't coffee
plantations usually above 1000' and the tsunami frontal wave was 30'?  Seems
there is a considerable safety factor there. Although this doesn't help the
thousands who are now homeless and without food, water and shelter.  Dan

5) From: Xerxes Lee
thank you for your concern,
i did realize about the safety factor you mentioned. but i also think
about larger circle, like overall economics of those countries, estate
ports, exporters, etc. i don't know how wide the effect might go.
just pray.
On Sun, 26 Dec 2004 10:34:41 -0500, Dan Bollinger
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6) From: Xerxes Lee
BTW, could it be possible that earthquake might cause some effect
under the earth surface, causing chemical change of some kind to the
plantation area? i have no idea, just wild guess.
On Sun, 26 Dec 2004 22:44:06 +0700, Xerxes Lee  wrote:
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7) From: Barbara Greenspon
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I just realized YOU are really right there.  I was sending prayers 
already.  Now there are personal extra ones.  Where are you in relation 
to the actual damage?  Are tidal waves still happening?
Xerxes Lee wrote:

8) From: Xerxes Lee
i am in Bangkok. local news reporting whole day. my two friends are
there, but thank God there are away from the waves.
total six waves, 10 meter high.
thank you all for your prayer. make me realize it's near the end of
the day as what in the Bible said.
On Sun, 26 Dec 2004 09:51:39 -0600, Barbara Greenspon  wrote:
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9) From: Jean
It was so sad to hear the news this morning about the earthquake and =
resulting tsunami and devastation.  We will keep all of the surrounding =
areas and people in our thoughts and prayers.
In a way of offering some concrete help, if I can be excused for =
promoting one of my favorite organizations in connection with this =
tragedy, Airline Ambassadors will surely be an important part of the aid =
efforts.  Airline Ambassadors is an organization that uses volunteers =
and donated frequent flyer miles to get emergency supplies, medical =
people, etc, to people in need around the world.  We can all help by =
donating our frequent flyer miles.  For more information, go to: =http://www.airlineamb.org/ 
Wishing the best to those who have been affected by this earthquake,

10) From: Angelo
I was worried about a friend of mine who was in southern Thailand a couple 
of days ago. I just spoke to her sister and she said she is ok. She got 
back to their family in Bangkok. She also told me that this is a relatively 
common occurrence in the area (of course, not of this magnitude), so I 
don't think it's the end of the world, just yet...
BTW, there was a small(3.9) earthquake in Yosemite Park...

11) From: R.N.Kyle
Yes that was a really big earthquake, we were upset when we heard of the
widespread death and injury. Our prayers go out to you and your countrymen

12) From: DJ Garcia
Ouch! I was in Jogyakarta last year and had a great time. Talk about
timing. They'll be in my prayers and meditations.

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