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1) From: DEchelbarg
I'm beginning to think of moving to an RK system and just assumed that I 
would have to buy a 2nd grill -- I have a Weber at present.  I grill year round 
even in sub zero temps on my deck -- that thing has power and gets to 450 no 
matter what the weather conditions.
Someone in a thread indicated they used one grill for food and coffee.  I 
always thought that the coffee roasting would impart a taste to food subsequently 
grilled.  Do many of your use one grill?  Does it work?
I could buy a new Weber for food and use the old one for coffee -- but since 
I run the grill off the propane supply of the house, one grill would be a 
whole lot easier, although I'm sure with some fittings I could run two.
Dave E

2) From: DEchelbarg
Oops meant to say the grill gets to 550 in all weather conditions!
Dave E

3) From: Terry Stockdale
At 08:44 AM 12/27/2004, you wrote:
I was planning to use one grill.  I ran into two issues -- my stainless 
grill wasn't set up to take a rotisserie and flavor transfer.  I use two 
grills.  I'm much less concerned that coffee roasting would impart a taste 
to subsequent food than I am concerned that food would impart tastes to 
subsequent batches of coffee.  I have little desire for "smoked turkey 
flavored coffee" or "grilled hamburger coffee", even less for "cajun bbq 
chicken flavored coffee."  Even "porterhouse flavored coffee" and "ribeye 
coffee" don't sound appealing.
If I screw up $5 of very replaceable chicken, that would be a shame.  If I 
screw up a pound of Rwanda Masaka Seven Lakes, that's not replaceable -- 
yeah, sure, I could buy more coffee, but it (to CSA members) wouldn't be 
the same.
Terry Stockdale -- Baton Rouge, LA

4) From: Joseph A. Feliciani
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Hi Dave,
I roast in one Weber grill with an RK Drum, and I have noticed no flavor =
transfers in either food or roasts. It would be nicer to have 2 grills, =
however, because there is no setup every time you want to roast. (and, =
of course, no dismantling time!)
Hope this helps,
RK Drum #9,RK Gear Motor #?,Solis Maestro +,*$ Proteo Barista,Spidem =
Trevi Digital +

5) From: alfred
Terry: I discussed this with Ron K when I was considering roasters. I 
mentioned to him that many high end grills, especially the ones at Costco, 
have a gas fired rotisserie burner at the rear.
You might want to discuss this with Ron before you buy

6) From: George Holt
I have a dedicated coffee grill-Char-broil 7000 35,000BTU.
On Mon, 27 Dec 2004 08:22:28 -0800, alfred <2391> wrote:
Living Large In Waxhaw, NC.
George Holt

7) From: Terry Stockdale
I've got mine, all set up and been roasting for a few months.  I was lucky 
enough to be the winner of an RK Drum in a Tradition that Ron ran early in 
the year.
You can read about my early efforts on my website on the Coffee / Roasting 
/ RK Drum pages.  I need to add some more about recent efforts.
Terry -- http://www.terrystockdale.comAt 10:22 AM 12/27/2004, you wrote:

8) From: Les
I have a dedicated BBQ with mine.  I did do ribs on it once, but the
clean-up moved me back to having it dedicated to coffee only, 
Besides, it is ready to go into action at a moments notice.
On Mon, 27 Dec 2004 11:35:03 -0600, Terry Stockdale

9) From: Tom Murray
I use a Weber Genesis gold for both grilling food and roasting my coffee.
I just swap out the flavorizer bars. one set for grilling and the other 
for roasting.
This works fine for me. I have not noticed any meat flavors in my coffee 
or coffee flavors in my meat.
DEchelbarg wrote:

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