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Topic: Thanks to the group for the advice (9 msgs / 159 lines)
1) From: StarKnight
I have been pretty busy since the Holidays, but I wanted to thank the group=
 for some of the responses I got in December. I needed advice on my second =
SM order, and also on a new coffee maker.
My order from SM has been outstanding. My first order about 4 months ago wa=
s great, but based on the advice of the group this order was outstanding. I=
 just roasted my first batch of Puro Scuro tonight, and am looking forward =
to trying to in a day or so. Right now the Mexican Oaxaca and the El Salvad=
or CoI Lot #19 have become my two favorite coffees.
I also purchased the moka pot from SM, and I really like the taste. French =
press is still my preferred method, but this is just an elegant way that gi=
ves a little different flavor (although I really miss chewing that last mou=
thful ;) ). It even looks great on the stove
So I wanted to thank the list for all of the help. It has really helped.

2) From: Les
Based on what you have shared I would make the following recommendations:
1. Uganda Sipi Falls (A very nice all around coffee.)
2. Mexican Hildalgo
3. Brazil Carmo Estate Peaberry
4. Brazil Poco Fundo
5. Panama LaBerlina
6. PNG Kimel
7. Indian Pearl Mountain MKEB Nuggets.
For sure buy one of Tom's sampler packs so you can try lots of different areas.
On Tue, 04 Jan 2005 23:33:33 -0500, StarKnight  wrote:

3) From: Vince Petrell
I guess I wasn't exactly clear on the post. I wrote it pretty quickly. But =
I had already ordered my coffee, and was thanking the group for the previou=
s recommendations. Interestingly enough though, I ordered the first four on=
 your list. Haven't tried 5, 6 or 7, but I am keeping the email for my next=
 order in a few months.
Thanks again,

4) From: Ben Treichel
StarKnight wrote:
Try the Puro Scuro with both press & moka. When I make it as an 
Americano, spice dominates the cup, as a press, appricote (if I remember 
right) comes out. Its real interesting to see the changes a brewing 
method causes.

5) From: Brett Mason
Vince, you'll find your wallet can expand to meet any stash
enhancement... soon, soon... beans beans and more beans.... Don't
forget recommendations 5, 6 & 7 ...
Searchin for the perfect cup,
On Wed, 05 Jan 2005 22:59:04 -0500, Vince Petrell  wrote:
Brett Mason
   _(( )_  Please don't spill the coffee!

6) From: Vince Petrell
I just tried the Puro Scuro in the moka pot. I will try it in the press tom=
orrow and compare.
 was great, but based on the advice of the group this order was outstanding=
. I just roasted my first batch of Puro Scuro tonight, and am looking forwa=
rd to trying to in a day or so.

7) From: Vince Petrell
My wife would definitely agree with you on that. I have ordered about 30 po=
unds in the past 4 months or so, and plan to order more shortly. I just wis=
h everyone would stop talking about the great new batch they just tried ;)

8) From: Les
When I am rich and famous, I am going to send an order to SM and order
2 pounds of everything!  Then I won't have to wonder if I a am missing
On Thu, 06 Jan 2005 00:27:34 -0500, Ben Treichel  wrote:

9) From: Ben Treichel
Les wrote:
AMEN to that Brother!
Ben Treichel
Program Manager
S.E Michigan
248-232-7365 (o)
248-935-6845 (m)

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