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1) From: JKG
After acquiring a Sunbeam on EBay and observing some 
of the prices people are paying for older vacuum pots, I'm
tempted to ask my family to get me a Yama from sweetmaria's
for Father's Day.
Can some list members comment on their experiences
with the Yama.  Does anyone regularly use the Yama with
the Bodum Santos Spirit Lamp Kit?  Is the Yama a poor
man's version of the Cona?
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2) From: EuropaChris
The Yama ROCKS!  It is a beautifully made little vac pot.  I use mine 3 to 5 times a week (the Silvia gets used the rest of the time).  It's easy to use, makes great coffee, and it looks great.  In my opinion, there is no reason to get one on Ebay with the prices they are going for, not to mention most likely a rock hard gasket.  I passed up a really nice 8 cup Cory complete pot the other day for $26 at an antique store as the gasket was uselessly hard, and I wasn't going to pay that much just to get the rod.
I've not used it with a spirit lamp, but I do have access to one to try.  I'm sure it would work great, but I just use the wire diffuser it comes with on my electric stove.  From cold, it takes 15 minutes or so on medium to get hot.  I could run it higher, but why risk it.  If you are in a hurry, heat some water in the micro or use a teapot.  I just turn it on first and then go shave and such.
You'd have to pry my Yama from my cold, dead, coffee stained hands...
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3) From: Ryan M. Jacobs
I haven't used my Yama with a Bodum Spirit Lamp, but would be interested in
trying this.
Nonetheless, I feel the Yama is a great vac brewer.  I am actually able to
use this successfully on an electric
burner, making coffee comparable to any I have ever tasted from other vac
pots. Since I haven't used the Cona, I can't comment on the comparison of
the two, but if price is an important factor, then I feel that dollar for
dollar, the Yama is a great investment.
Ryan M. Jacobs
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4) From: Hammonds, Derek
I bought a Yama from sweetmarias a few weeks ago and I have to say that I'm
very pleased with it.  It's slightly more fuss than using a french press but
the resulting rich, sediment-free coffee is worth the effort.
One thing I didn't like about the Yama was the cloth filters.  It works very
well but it's a pain to clean.  So, I bought a cory-rod on ebay (for 3
bucks!) and have been using that for my filter.  It works great!
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5) From: JKG
Thanks to everyone who responded on the Yama 
question.  The tip on the cory rod sounds
like something I want to try too.  I really like the
automatic nature of the electric Sunbeam vacuum
pot, but I feel like I'm missing out on not being 
able to watch the vacuum process through the
glass.  Also, it would be fun to have the Yama
with the spirit lamp for table-side brewing when 
company is over for dinner.
In any event, I'm pleasantly surprised by
vacuum brewing.  While on this list, I've moved 
from drip to French press to vacuum.  
(who has moved the drip machine into 
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6) From: Catherine Marley, M.D.
Wow, what a difference!  I had been brewing my homeroasts in my old Krups drip
machine.  I just used my Yama for the first time.  My favorite blend (Yemen
Raimy and Java Jampit in a light to medium full city roast) had heretofore
unknown pleasures.  When hot it had fruity flavors - raisins, apricots, and when
a little cooler, a wonderful chocolate, nutty flavor.  Tasted about 25% of this
in the Krups.  The yama delivers!  
Only one drawback - too small!  I remember the Silex my mom had many years ago -
nice big pot.  why doesn't anyone make the Silex any more.  It was durable and
big enough for a family.  The Yama is wonderful, but a size for coffee effetes
Regards, Cathy
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7) From: Ryuji Suzuki -- JF7WEX
If you like to maximize complexity in a clean cup, I suggest to try
drip method using a thick cotton filter. Material is similar to that
used in Yama but it is sock-shaped. I used Yama for a while but it
didn't get used too often except when guests are here and I wanted to
give them typical classic coffee (medium roast central American or
Ryuji Suzuki
"Don't play what's there, play what's not there." (Miles Davis)
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8) From: Jason Brooks
Am I loosing my mind, or is it the backlog of our generous hosts?  I
thought I recalled Tom saying they should be stocking Yama's soon.  Too
soon now?  I've been looking and would like a more day-to-day user than my
ever stiffening gasketed Cory.  Love it, but it's a bit too 'hands-on' due
to the gasket.  I still pull it out on special occasions, but enjoy
variety daily.
Jason Brooks

9) From: Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee
You are dead on. I have been buried in new coffee samples, plus the 
Nicaragua Cup of Excellence auction, and now the Guatemala CoE 
samples need to be roasted and cupped this week. Another thing is 
that I tend to go a bit overboard in "testing". I feel like I am 
re-familiarizing myself with the Yama, trying out a lot of different 
coffees, and the differences between the glass rod and the yama cloth 
filter.  I have 5 cup and 8 cup models for the stovetop, and I have 
been pondering the merits of the 5 cup model that works with an 
alcohol burner. I think I want to offer the new butane burner for 
those types; i didn't like the previously when hario had one, but now 
I feel like I can't brew without it on the non-stovetop models. There 
are slight differences in shape, the handle, and such on these new 
yamas vs. the old 5 cup one we offered. So I have just been slow with 
rolling these out. I mean, we even received the shipment of them, so 
its not like they are in transit. Anyway, I will get them posted by 
The "backlog" issue is kind of sad, because one of our employees has 
a very sick father, so they have been out for almost a month now. She 
happens to be one of the fastest persons here when it comes to 
packing orders. So we just wish her well and everyone else works some 
extra hours to help out. Maria tells me that by tomorrow we will have 
erased any backlog and will start the new week in great shape.
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10) From: David Pichner
With the coffees you get to drink each week you start out each week in great

11) From: Barry Luterman
Tom not to pressure you further. But any idea when you will be able to 
review the new Hottop programmable?

12) From: Gregg Talton
My Yama vac pot arrived yesterday and I'm having my second cup right now -
it's incredible.  I'm having a cup of the Columbian Narino roasted on Sunday
to full city in a Gene Cafe.  WOW!  It's a flavor explosion.  First, I
enjoyed making the coffee stovetop. But the taste and incredibly clean
cup are impressive.  My wife was ho hum about me bringing in another "coffee
toy" until she had the very first cup.  This morning she asked how long it
would take to make her  some coffee in that "siphon".  She's impressed too.
Looking forward to a few more pots today.
Gregg T
They say such nice things about people at their funerals that it makes me
sad to realize that I'm going to miss mine by just a few days. - Garrison

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