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1) From: Tom Ulmer
Maybe we could get someone to slap around some equations - I know the
engineers are already on this - but I'm not think the BTU potential is there
to roast such a mass.
It looks to me like 2  kg can be roasted with 110V but I defer to your 
experience and judgment.

2) From: kofi
On Fri, 7 Jan 2005 08:52:52 -0500, Tom Ulmer  wrote:
Seems like an interesting thread .... what was the message you were
replying to? I can't find this topic anywhere in the threads, must be
listed some other way?

3) From: Justin Marquez
"It depends..."
As the power requirement goes up, the wire sizes get bigger and
bigger.  A somewhat standard household circuit is typically limited to
20 amps, or about 2200 watts total (watt =v olts x amps for resistive
loads).  Other, larger circuit breakers are available and require
larger wiring for that circuit and typically a different looking plug.
For example, if you have a travel trailer to be hooked up, it will
usually need a 30 amp 110 v circuit.  That could handle 3300 watts. 
Larger RV's and monster 5th wheels even need 50 Amp circuits. Both of
those use special plugs, but they are 110 volt single phase.
You could do some serious roasting with 50 amps - that 5.5 KW.  It
would not be an off-the-shelf widget though and the cable to the
special plug would be about 3/4" in diameter.
Safe Journeys and Sweet Music
Justin Marquez (Snyder, TX)http://www.justinandlinda.comOn Fri, 7 Jan 2005 08:52:52 -0500, Tom Ulmer  wrote:

4) From: Ben Treichel
Tom Ulmer wrote:
Depends on the heat lost (aka energy) during the roast.

5) From: John Blumel
On Jan 7, 2005, at 11:52am, kofi wrote:
"Re: +Sumatra and Sulawesi problems" by petzul
John Blumel

6) From: alfred
Got Volts?
This whole issue came up for me when we went ffom summer to winter here in 
Oregon. I had purchased my Hot Top in the summer and was happily roasting 
along with 122 volts measured at the outlet where it was plugged in.     So 
as  I noticed my roast times getting longer and longer, I read the voltage 
again. Wow, it was `111
Called  Pacific Power and they said they were in their acceptable perameters 
and that if it was any comfort, all my neighbors were getting the same 
thing.  "Well, hot dog! " Santa must have heard all this and broughst me a 
shiny new Variac  from SM
(Mine is red) The  UPS guy got a double hernia bringiing it in.
 It is an imposing dude and looks like you  could launch a missle with it.

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