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1) From: Les
I had the chance to visit with Alfred today.  I also met his two son's
from his first marriage.  Alfred said to say, "Hi." to everyone.  He
was doing much better than I expected.  The problem is that his cancer
has spread to his brain and caused a stroke.  He said basically that
he has a time-bomb in his head and in all likelihood next time it goes
off he is a goner.  He has gotten his swallow function back, so he is
looking forward to getting home to his Giotto.  Alfred is one of those
rare people that always finds the silver lining in the cloud.  He was
up beat and enjoying today with hope that there will be a tomorrow. 
Alfred has a strong faith and has made his peace with God, so he is
comfortable with his impending death.  However, he is still the ever
humorous and witty Alfred with his wonderful smile even though the
right side isn't working too well at this point.  He entered the
espresso and homeroast adventure well into his 70's.  I hope I am as
adventuresome at his age.  The wonder of learning new things has never
left Alfred.  He has enjoyed this list and hopes to be back on line in
the next week or two if possible.

2) From: javafool
Thanks for the update Les. I have enjoyed reading Alfred's posts and shared 
in his wonderful enthusiasm in this hobby as I know a lot of others have. He 
has always brought a kindness to this group and has gained respect and 
admiration from many that he has touched with his personality.
I hope to see him back because he still has so much to offer.

3) From: R.N.Kyle
Alfred called me about a drum. He actually bought on of my RK Drums, and
soon after buying one he decided he would not be able to use it to its full
potential, and returned it for a refund, we talked on the phone, and from
the beginning I knew Alfred had a passion for coffee. He progressed to the
Hot Top and the Giotto Premium and the rest is history. I admire his
strength and faith. GET WELL SOON.

4) From: AlChemist John
Once again, thank you Les for the update.
Sometime around 20:55 1/15/2005, Les typed:
John Nanci 
AlChemist at large
Zen Roasting , Blending & Espresso pulling by Gestalthttp://www.dreamsandbones.net/blog/http://www.chocolatealchemy.com/

5) From: petzul
Thanks for the update Les. It is so great that you are able to visit 
with him and share that with us.
Some people never do get old, their bodies just wear out.. It is nice 
that we all had an opportunity to converse with someone like that... Alfred.
Looking forward to hearing stories about his new red Variac when he 
comes back on line.
He is in our prayers.
Les wrote:

6) From: Lowe, David
Thanks for the update Les; I'm sure glad I got to meet Alfred at PNWG
II. I certainly enjoyed the wit and humor of his posts. It sounds like
he has run the race and is finishing well, I hope the same can be said
of me when my time comes.
Dave Lowe

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