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Topic: My new Yama brewer (6 msgs / 105 lines)
1) From: Mark MacLeod
I just received my Yama brewer from Tom this week, it's my first vacuum
brewer. I'm going to try it out tonight (since it's Friday and I can stay up
late :-)).
I just have a couple questions before I try it out:
1. How long should it take to fully siphon from the time water STARTS to
enter the upper chamber? I tried it out with hot water last night, just to
clean it, and it sat there for a long time with 1/2" of water in the upper
chamber. Did I have the heat too low (I am using an electric range)?
2. How fine of grind should I use?
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2) From: Steve
I have a Cona and the water needs to boil in order to rise.
I start, as Tom suggests, with boiling water and it still takes a few
minutes. Once I waited too long and the boiled water had cooled somewhat and
it took quite a while to rise, several minutes.
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3) From: EuropaChris
Here's what I do:
1) Fill the lower pot with 5 cups water.
2) Put on medium heat (electric) or med. flame with gas.  Use the wire diffuser in both cases.
3) Heat until the water is good and hot (15 minutes) but just short of boiling.  Be patient.  OR, you can preheat the water in the micro with a micro-safe vessel (NOT the Yama), or use a teakettle to heat the water.
4) While the water is heating, grind 4 scoops of coffee (7g. scoops) fairly fine, somewhere between espresso and electric drip.
5) Pour coffee into top secion (with the filter installed) and stick the top on the lower section. 
6) The water will take maybe 30 sec. to 1 min. to get all the way up.  Once all the water is up, give it a stir to wet all the grounds.  Turn the heat off and let it sit and bubble for about 1 minute.
7) Remove from heat onto a hotpad and let the water syphon down, this takes about another minute.
8) Remove top, pour coffee, and enjoy.  Watch out as it will be HOT!!!
9) Rinse out brewer, wash with soap, and rinse filter and store in a glass of water in the fridge.  Once a week, soak the filter in a bit of bleach solution (1 cap to a cup of hot water).  It will look like new.  Rinse well before using.
That is how *I* do it, and get a perfect cup everytime.  Had some Sulawesi this a.m. and it was delicious.
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4) From: Mark MacLeod
Thanks everyone for your responses, I'll let you know how it goes. I roasted
up some Yemen that I got from Tom just for this event..
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5) From: John
Yeah Mark and this being a list of coffee folks you'll find a large audience
all night with whom  to share your experience.  Enjoy - and do share - I'm
about to join the Yama club so I'm keenly interested.
John - wandering around DSTexas

6) From: Les and Becky
Dear Mark,
I have a Yama.  I am finding myself using it more and more.  I will share
some tricks I have learned so far that tend to give me better results than
when I started.   (1)  You can go with a fairly fine grind.  I use the same
grind that I did in my drip pot.  I started with what I normally use in my
French Press.  That is too coarse.  I set my stove at Med.   When the coffee
begins to go north, I give it a good stir when the top is about half  full.
When I am down to the one cup mark, I turn the stove down to low and set my
microwave timer at 2 min. 22 sec. ( I am lazy and only push one number.)  I
start the timer when no more water is going north.   When the time goes off,
I shut the burner off and let the brew go south on its own.  This method
gives me a wonderfully rich brew with no sediment in the coffee.  Enjoy and
have fun experimenting.  I used to preheat my water to make things go
faster, but now I just do other things as the coffee brews.
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