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Topic: Vac pot: how long do you leave the pot on the flame once the water is up north? (10 msgs / 236 lines)
1) From: Brett Mason
I leave it up there 3-4 minutes.  Seems to work well every time for me...
Worked this morning!
Cory Glass Vacuum Brewer
Cory Glass Rod
Colombia Supremo FC+
Zass 499 grind, pretty coarse (2turns away from touching)
On Sun, 23 Jan 2005 19:17:32 -0800, Edward Spiegel
Brett Mason
   _(( )_  Please don't spill the coffee!

2) From: John Blumel
On Jan 23, 2005, at 10:17pm, Edward Spiegel wrote:
45-60 seconds.
John Blumel

3) From: Larry Palletti

4) From: Barry Luterman
60 sec

5) From: Andy Thomas
About 75 seconds, starting from when the funnel
mixture starts bubbling or when most of the ground
coffee is wet, whichever comes first. At 75 secs I
remove it from the heat and it takes another 2-2
minutes to finish. Then I wait a little while for the
pressure to equalize a bit before removing the funnel.
Total, abt 4 minutes.
--- Edward Spiegel  wrote:
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6) From: Rich Adams
No more then minute or so using glass units like the Bodums.
Rich Adams

7) From: Bart Frazee
On Sun, 23 Jan 2005 19:17:32 -0800, you wrote:
coffee extract in a vac. pot.
 after the water has traveled to the top before you let the southward =
trip begin?
you experienced.
I use a Bodom Santos vac pot (not the e-santos) with the standard
plastic filter.
I heat 32 fl oz water in a kettle while grinding 50 gr of coffee in my
doserless Rocky and then place the coffee into the funnel which is in
it's stand.
When the kettle begins to whistle, I turn the fire down, pour the
water into the lower pot, place it on the fire, and put the funnel in
When sufficient water to wet all the grinds has gone up I stir to get
all the grinds wet.This starts the extraction time which I break into
4 parts... going up, up, cooling, and going down.
GOING UP : This time can be controlled somewhat by how low the flame
is. Mine generally takes less than 30 seconds. It starts when I finish
stirring and ends when all the water is up that is going up.
UP: This time ends when I turn the fire off.
COOLING : This time is controlled by how high the flame is during the
UP time, and ends when I see the first brown in the bottom. Mine can
be from 35 to 60 seconds. Mine is usually about a minute.
GOING DOWN : This time is controlled by my grinder setting. With Rocky
set at 8 (espresso setting) the down time can take 2 minutes. At 18 it
is about 1 minute. At 40 it takes longer than at 18 (I only did it
once and don't remember how long it was).
Most recommendations say 3 to 5 minute extraction, depending on how
course the grinds are. I turn the fire of after 1 minute giving me the
GOING UP	30 seconds
UP		1 minute
COOLING	about 50 seconds
GOING DOWN	about 1 minute
total extraction	3 minutes and 20 seconds
This works for me! I like the results a lot!
ps: I'v tried the cloth filters others have suggested when I had a
stalling problem (with a Bodom Maestro) and it did not help at all.
All it did was absorb some of the coffee oils detracting from the
flavor of my coffee.

8) From: Bart Frazee
I almost forgot to mention that I have not had any stalls since I got
my Rocky. NONE!
On Mon, 24 Jan 2005 09:50:53 -0800, you wrote:
coffee extract in a vac. pot.
wait after the water has traveled to the top before you let the southward=
 trip begin?
you experienced.
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9) From: Bart Frazee
On Mon, 24 Jan 2005 14:25:29 -0500, you wrote:
brewing. I 
This is why I bring the water to a boil in a kettle before pouring it
into the lower pot and reducing the heat. the water going up is at the
proper temp from the start.

10) From: Deward Hastings
into the lower pot and reducing the heat. the water going up is at the
proper temp from the start.
Yep.  If you don't pre-heat (either separately, or in the bowl before
affixing the funnel) you'll get a cold extraction.  You could probably =
it steam for a while and heat the water in the funnel that way, but it =
not be, as John likes to say, "optimal".  You'd be guaranteed a good =
for the down cycle, though .

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