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Topic: The ultimate in travel Roasters (5 msgs / 75 lines)
1) From: Ben Treichel
Just add a RK drumhttp://makeashorterlink.com/?G3C16115A

2) From: AlChemist John
Sam's club did not like that.  expired page.  grill I assume?
Sometime around 20:35 1/24/2005, Ben Treichel typed:
John Nanci 
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3) From: Ben Treichel
AlChemist John wrote:
Well it worked when I put it up there. Basically a SS grill; but 
designed to be mounted to the receiver of a vehicles trailer hitch like 
they do with bike racks, etc. It was designed to swing away from the 
tail gate when it was used. So, have vehicle, have roaster.
Ben Treichel
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4) From: Gary Townsend
Freedom Grill? With a nice truck, Under $600. 
Wonder if gas is included???
On Tue, 25 Jan 2005 06:47:50 -0800, AlChemist John  wrote:

5) From: Gene Smith
Go to their main page:http://www.samsclub.com/eclub/main_home.jsp?mt=a&bn=0&ts06709444234and search on "Freedom Grill"
For a mere $579 bucks (and an RK drum) you can roast coffee anywhere you 
can drive!
Heck, you could *drive* to Sweet Maria's and roast all the way home..."Pull 
over honey, I feel like a cuppa fresh roasted coffee!"
Gene Smith
riding the wild learning curve, in Houston

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