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Topic: Alfred Update and Memorial Update (5 msgs / 82 lines)
1) From: Les
Alfred is sleeping most of the time now.  I am planning on giving
Elizabeth the Memorial Money on Sunday.  Five Hundred Dollars has come
in.  If you plan on giving something, please do it in the next two

2) From: Ben Treichel
Les wrote:
Hurahh for all of you!!

3) From: Les
Many thanks to all who have given.  Gifts have ranged from as little
as $3.00 up to $200.00.  The size doesn't matter, it is the spirit
that is typified by one list member who is unemployed and has
contributed even though he has needs too.  The spirit of love and
concern in this group is beyond words.  You are all awesome!  I wish
you all could have listened in on the conversation I had with Tom when
Alfred's misfortune reared it's ugly head.   Let me sum it up this
way, we are way more than customers to him, we are family.
On Mon, 24 Jan 2005 23:56:42 -0500, Ben Treichel  wrote:

4) From: Ben Treichel
Les wrote:
FYI, I had one list member ask me about a 'memorial' before Alfred 
passes on. (not in a critical manner) So, I figured it would be good to 
address the question in the forum.
1.) Alfred and Elizabeth know that he will die soon. (Life - nobody gets 
out alive)
2.) Elizabeth has a financial need now.
3.) Isn't it better to let some one know of your concern while they are 
still alive?
4.) Its comforting and supportive to know that you are cared about 
(however there are other ways besides $$'s)

5) From: Gene Smith
I am quite comfortable with this idea as it applies to terminally ill 
friends, but I confess some shock and distaste at the application of this 
principle to living politicians and other high mucky-mucks.  I suppose I 
shouldn't be, as it is just another variation of the 'naming rights' frenzy 
(Here in Houston Enron Field becomes Minute Maid Field).
So, yes, by all means let us make sure that gentlemen like Alfred know that 
they are valued while they are still with us.
But I'm happy to let ex-presidents, for example, leave this vale of tears 
without everything in sight having been already named for them.
Gene Smith
currently residing in Bushtown

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