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Topic: the laws was Re: +Hot coffee to offer at Farmers Market (10 msgs / 344 lines)
1) From: gin
I do not need a kitchen in San Luis Obispo, CA for roasting coffee unless I has a store front. Trust the city knows what is going on since they "own" the Farmers Market!!
The health department does not consider coffee edible. It's like dog cookies...

2) From: gin
the local coffee shop has yet to be addressed...
they do not roast but they are the only game in town, 1/2 block from the market. But cut me a break, 2 hours on a Saturday is not going to impact them too much right away...
yes I will take some of their business, they may take my fresh roasted beans too.

3) From: gin
I will send you a stock certificate for The Bean Babe at a price of .02 a share. You get the first 100 shares.
Hang onto it, I have not failed yet.

4) From: gin
Hey Benny:
You got your 100 shares, thanks for your support!
No, nothing has been done with us yet. We are going on 6 months. I just want my stuff back!

5) From: gin
I forgot, you are where?
I have checked with my local city folk and they say I need nothing since it is the Farmers Market.
If I were to sell to you from a store front it would be different.
I am within the bounds of a Farmers Market at least here on the CA Coast, today.
Will check again.

6) From: Dan Bollinger
Gin,  I'm in Indiana.  The regs change for every state and there are many
different 'kitchens' for each state depending on what you are doing, where
you are doing it, and even how much is retail versus wholesale.  I doubt if
the city knows what's going on. Health departments are the usual governing
body and they are usually in county government. Let's hope you don't have to
have a state approved kitchen! They are damned expensive.   Dan
it is the Farmers Market.
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7) From: Oaxaca Charlie
--- gin  wrote:
  Dan is right, so far as selling roasted or brewed coffee, most
anywhere in the US or Canada. However, farmers markets tend to
have special exemptions when it comes to "non hazardous" food
products(meat and dairy products examples of "hazardous" foods),
even if the state law doesn't mention any such exemption (some
states do have such legislation for farmers markets, which bring
in so much money to local economies). If there is a nearby
coffee shop that starts losing business, or just doesn't like
you, the owner *could* make a fuss, complain to the health
inspector, and force the issue. I've been through all this when
I brought my home baked bread to our market. Research turned up
the info that our farmers market was the only one in north
America that forbade the sale of a non hazardous food product
like bread (or coffee).This was due to having the most hard-ass
Health Inspector anywhere, and a crabby local baker. Lobbying
some politicians finally got the provincial legislature to amend
the food safety rules to make legal what was already commonplace
in dozens of farmers markets in BC. Funny thing, after I dropped
the bread business, unable to sell it anywhere else BUT the
farmers market, I started selling roasted coffee everywhere, and
that went unnoticed by the nasty health inspector (who really
had it in for me after she looked foolish over the farmers
market affair) for years. Coffee apparently not on her "food"
radar. She's moved on, and the new inspector is a regular coffee
customer. Good luck, have fun...(the brownies could be trouble
sooner or later ;o))
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8) From: Brent - SC/TO Roasting
I'd like to buy the first share of stock in Gin $s!  :)
Kidding aside, you're right Gin.  It shouldn't affect them too much.
Providing roasted beans is slightly different than providing a locale to =
and enjoy a cuppa joe.  And you never know what might happen.  Maybe =
end up doing the roasting for the local coffee shop!
Roasting in an SC/TO
For drip, moka, and presspot brew

9) From: Brett Mason
Sell to the restaurant at cost.  Lose money there, and make sure to
buy lunch while you visit the owner...
On Wed, 26 Jan 2005 18:56:39 -0800 (GMT-08:00), gin
Brett Mason
   _(( )_  Please don't spill the coffee!

10) From: Ben Treichel
gin wrote:
hey, can I get a 100 shares of Bean Babe also.
Gin, is Bean Babe suitable for framing? (or have the fed's already tried 
:-D )

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