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Topic: 400 espressi (I can save money at home honey) (8 msgs / 183 lines)
1) From: R.N.Kyle
probably considering 18 grams for a double shot.
20% wt. loss for roasting.
comes to 21.6 grams of green coffee per shot
400X21.6= 8640 grams = 306.38 oz.= 19.15 lbs of green coffee to = 400 double
averaging $5/lb of greens= $95.75 and a double shot in a coffee shop runs
about $1.75 so 400 X 1.75 = $700 which equals a savings of $604.25 .
Not counting the price of a coffee roaster. So if you go to the local coffee
shop and buy 2 doubles a day, it would take 200 days to spend $700 dollars
about 6.6 months.
So if you  bought a grinder and espresso machine in the 600 dollar range,
and brewed espresso at home, it would pay for itself in a little over 6
months at 2 doubles a day.
WOW that is a good argument to the present to the significant other for
purchasing a grinder and espresso machine.
Ouch my head hurts and I have most likely made a mistake in my math.
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2) From: Frank Haist
Now I'm asking this in the true sense of seeking information, not to be 
a smarta** or sound school marm'ish. But isn't what we're talking about 
here 18 g per "pull" to yield a double shot, which is still two shots? 
So, 400 "pulls" requires 19 lbs or greens, but 400 shots needs about 10 
lbs? Again, I'm asking simply for my own grammar-knowledge sake.
p.s. I tried using a version of this argument to justify my Silvia and 
Rocky duo, and it worked. But that was just exchanging out the amount of 
coffee I was drinking at Peets. Wow, you throw in the benefit of 
roasting too and I think I'm not just saving money, I'm making money!
R.N.Kyle wrote:

3) From: Obrien, Haskell W.
Hrm. That's an idea on saving up for a new machine...
Make myself put in a dollar every time I make espresso....

4) From: Pecan Jim Gundlach
On Jan 30, 2005, at 7:59 AM, R.N.Kyle wrote:
And that does not count the gas to run to the not so local coffee shop.
This household averages six triple shots per day.
Hey, I've earned some new toys - Miss Silvia and Mister Mazzer Major 
have paid for themselves several times over.
Jim Gundlach

5) From: Gary Townsend
Pecan Jim Gundlach  wrote:
Speaking of gas,
I suppose it's only a matter of time before SweetMaria's is sponsored
by a reputable Credit Card, to introduce 'The Coffee Card', much the
same as a gas-station 'gas' card, only we can 'fill up' on 2 - 4 lbs a
week, and earn frequent drinker loyalty points redeemable at any time,
barring the Christmas Holiday Rush, naturally...

6) From: Michael Osten
On Jan 31, 2005, at 11:26 AM, Pecan Jim Gundlach wrote:
Well, I just mentioned to my wife yesterday that at the rate I was 
drinking doubles, I'd have my new Pasquini Livia 90 paid off in a 
month, of course, having good espresso at home leads to drinking 6-7 
doubles a day :)
Michael Ostenhttp://www.bleepyou.com/~mosten/pgp.txt

7) From: Ben Treichel
Obrien, Haskell W. wrote:
Thats the thinking!
Ben Treichel
Program Manager
S.E Michigan
248-232-7365 (o)
248-935-6845 (m)

8) From: Jared Andersson
Of course most coffee shop espresso is so bad I almost never drank it
before getting my own set up.  It has been worth the extra money to
get to drink drinkable espresso.    Jared
On Mon, 31 Jan 2005 13:02:15 -0500, Ben Treichel  wrote:

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