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1) From: petzul
Today I tested the capacity of my newest chimney. I had over a pound of 
greens I had just roasted in my turbo beast, so I decided to see how 
much the new glass would hold, this being the parameter deciding how 
much it will roast. Slowly adding beans, I finally got to 300 GR before 
it became half full.
So, since I have noticed that after the chamber gets over half full 
circulation goes right down to negligible, I surmise that this thing 
will cook a final batch weight of about 300 GR.
Have not tried it as yet, but I think my souped up Poppery should do it 
Still making improvements on the Turbo Beast, here in LHC.

2) From: Tom Bellerue
Peter, if you ever settle down with a 'that's good enough' setup you gotta 
get a summary up on the web with photos. I am wishing I pursued a big batch 
size PIDed popper after getting an iRoast. It works but I was doing 1 cup 
batches (stirring) on a popper with manual heater control, now I'm down to 
3/4 cup. Keep at it.....!
petzul wrote:

3) From: Michael Dhabolt
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It can be done. But I found that a ˝ lb. (227 gram) didn’t sound =
quite as
labored (fan) during the roast.  And the half pound roast works out =
for my consumption habit.  I can also back off on the fan voltage a bit =
so I
am not variac-ing it to above design voltage the whole time.  Unlike the
heating coil – the fans on my three popperys seem to be pretty =
about how much beans they will loft.  I oil the bearings on the motors =
I have them apart for mods – hope it will benefit the longevity of the
Mike (just plain)

4) From: Michael Dhabolt
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            Forgot the picture.http://w3.saw.net/~mldhab/2Starting%20first.jpgMike (just plain)

5) From: Tom Ulmer
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Nice ducting system.  
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6) From: Jared Andersson
Great set up Michael.  Jared
On Fri, 25 Mar 2005 22:29:50 -0800, Michael Dhabolt  wrote:

7) From: petzul
Great job Michael, and thanks for the pic!
It is so much fun to tinker and get the rewards of great coffee besides :)
More and more of my friends are wanting my coffee, so I have been 
developing roasters that do larger batches.
I know, RK Drum, but I am not finished with 20 Amp circuits yet!
Still a bit shy with gas, here in LHC.
Michael Dhabolt wrote:

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