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Topic: Vac Pot Success (7 msgs / 154 lines)
1) From: Rick Copple
I've attempted to send a post twice detailing my findings on getting the 
time down on the water draining back into the lower pot, but I guess the 
post were too big or something because I never saw them appear on the 
list. So, I thought I would just make a smaller post on what happened.
I have successfully brought the drain time after the bubbling stops to 
under 2 minutes.
My problem was in how I was using the Zass grinder. While the tip sheet 
suggested to hold the grinder between the knees, I tended to put it on 
the counter and hold it firmly with my left hand while I cranked with my 
right. On one of the test I was doing I was being a bit more forceful 
with the grinding, pushing down a bit, and that is when I noticed the 
movement in the top part of the support for the crank and shaft. It 
dawned on me that one solution could be to grind with no more energy 
than necessary to crush the beans so as to put the least amount of 
pressure. For it seemed that movement of the top would cause rocking of 
the burrs and due to the little space between the burrs, regular 
movement of the top even on a little scale could be enough to produce 
more "dust" than otherwise.
The morning I decided to test this out, I for some reason decided to sit 
down and hold it between my knees. It was as I was cranking away on this 
that I suddenly realized as the grinder rocked back and forth between my 
legs that my legs were acting as sort of "shock absorbers" as I ground. 
Being held firmly to a hard counter top meant that the top support had 
to take the full force of the grinding process.
After that first grind like that, my time dropped to right above 3 
minutes, which achieved one of the things I wanted to do, get the whole 
process down under 7 minutes. I postulated that the shock absorber 
affect of the legs kept the grinder more uniform, less dust and so the 
vac pot worked better.
The last measurement on time down was just under 2 minutes! This morning 
I didn't even bother to time it. I set it going and left to get ready to 
head to work (one of the appeals of the electric vac pot...you don't 
have to baby sit it so it can act more like a drip pot in that regard). 
Came back, it had all drained and the coffee tasted great!
Just thought since the other post didn't get through that I should let 
everyone know what I figured out was the real problem here and that I'm 
doing great with this now.
I should also mention that before I was putting the grinds into the top 
vac pot, and then when done put it on the bottom part. However, the 
water level is such at full 8 cup pot that there is some water in the 
small "well" where the filter sits. When I pushed the pot in place, it 
seemed that the water pushed the rod up a bit and it was possible that 
grinds were getting under the rod because of that. So now I put the 
whole thing together. While the water is heating up I'm grinding and 
putting it in a plastic cup (which seems to get some dust to stick to 
it) and once fully ground, go dump it into the top which by that point 
already has the water beginning its upward assent to the top pot.
Just thought you would like to know. It was *how* I was grinding it with 
the Zass that was the problem all along, not the grinder, seal, pot or 
anything like that.
Rick Copple
Marble Falls, TX

2) From: Edward Spiegel
At 2:51 AM -0600 2/01/05, Rick Copple wrote:
Hurray! Glad to hear it!

3) From: Gary Townsend
Rick, I'm glad that you are figuring it all out! I'm still trying to
tweak mine! I had the best results with a near espresso time. I had a
2 min uptime, and my South pull was 1 min 10 sec, and the grounds were
pulled dry. 3 min extraction time, tasted great.
On Tue, 01 Feb 2005 02:51:43 -0600, Rick Copple  wrote:

4) From: Brett Mason
I would have told you it wasn't the zass, that most perfect of all
man-made devices....
John Blumel of course would shy away from the seal.
And absolutely, Ginny wouldn't blame the pot!
We are impressed.  So when are you inviting us all over for coffee?
On Tue, 01 Feb 2005 02:51:43 -0600, Rick Copple  wrote:
Brett Mason
   _(( )_  Please don't spill the coffee!

5) From: John Blumel
On Feb 1, 2005, at 9:49am, Brett Mason wrote:
Actually, if you look back at the posts on this topic, you'll find one 
from me where I specifically wrote that it might be a problem with the 
gasket. However, I'm quite as happy for Rick that he managed to resolve 
the problem without having to replace the gasket as I am surprised that 
he resolved the problem by changing his grinding technique with the 
Zassenhaus. Although, it's not clear how much of a factor the water 
displacing the rod might have been.
John Blumel

6) From: Rick Copple
Brett Mason wrote:
When things begin to slow down at the San Diego party, we'll just mosey 
over to Texas for a cup to close out the day with! 
Rick Copple
Marble Falls, TX

7) From: Angelo
Haha...So much for all the "scientific" theories about air vs. steam, etc...

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