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1) From: gin
say what?

2) From: gin
Thanks Brent:
Southern California culture:
beach, fast cars, more beach, more fast cars, musses, POP, Venice, great Jazz, Whiskey A GoGo and catholic schools...
and yes, being grounded at least once a month.

3) From: Kim G
Les, Jared,
thanks for the welcome.  Was a little cumbersome trying to reply from the 
digest mode so I changed the setting and now I'm getting 200+ emails/day--up 
from 120.
Yeah, this is a beautiful area. When did you attend Saint Mary's Jared? 
Les -where in Wisconsin. Home is about 100 ft. from Wisconsin, middle of the 
Mississippi,  25 ft. offshore of Latch Island, walking on water for a couple 
more weeks.

4) From: Jared Andersson
Kim, I got my MA in counseling psychology finally finished in 98 or 99
from the Minneapolis campus so I didn't get to do much time in Winona.
 If you or anyone else needs a Gmail invite I have some to give.  I
found I couldn't read fast enough to manage all the emails well
without gmail.  It is great to have another roaster in the area. 
On Thu, 3 Feb 2005 12:08:12 -0600, Kim G  wrote:

5) From: John Blumel
On Feb 3, 2005, at 2:56pm, Kim G wrote:
It's an email service from Google. You leave all your email on their 
server and they sift through it to determine what ads to serve up to 
you, as well as whatever else they choose to do with it.
Not everyone believes it does.
It's a marketing gimmick thought up by Google to make it seem like you 
are part of a special group allowed to use it while it goes through the 
world's longest 'beta' test. Of course, so many 'invitations' have been 
given out by now that the whole thing is looking a bit ridiculous.
John Blumel

6) From: Kim G
what is Gmail and why does it work better and what's with the needing an 
know whacha mean about other roasters. Got my first green beans last summer. 
Figure I'm about half past the evangelizing stage. Got a few interested and 
a couple of people are roasting their own, one just moved up from a popper 
to an IRoast. Got to try the IRoast and found that it doesn't do well 
running off my smallish (1800watt) generator. Ten minutes to uniformly 
tanned beans. 1200 watt Toastmaster Popper works great though sensitive 
ambient temperature.

7) From: Gary Townsend
Makes me feel special, all over...
Great for newsgroups...easy...probably monitored by a special gov't
agency, at great cost to the taxpayers...
I usually ignore the ads.....
On Thu, 3 Feb 2005 14:52:46 -0500, John Blumel  wrote:

8) From: Terry Stockdale
Gmail is an web mail service run by Google.  It still has not been released 
to the public, yet, so you can't just go to www.gmail.com and sign up.  You 
need a current user to send an invitation, of which we each get limited 
numbers.  Most folks who use Gmail generously give out invitations.  Google 
refills our supply occasionally.  Jared offered you one, so feel free to 
take advantage of it.
Gmail offers 1 GB space for your emails and easy searching and following 
threads.   Also, since it still isn't open to the general public, you have 
a better than average chance of getting the username you want.
Terry Stockdale -- Baton Rouge, LA
Read my coffee and computer tips pages at
   http://www.terrystockdale.comAt 01:56 PM 2/3/2005, you wrote:

9) From: Gary Townsend
Kim, I sent you an invite, check it out, if you don't like it, you can
always stop using it!

10) From: Jared Andersson
Kim, I use gmail just for this list.  What I like is that it will
collect all the emails from one subject line like ("Re: +aadjusting
Winona") and allow you to open them all up to view with one click.  It
is much easier and faster for me to follow the threads this way.  I
can delete a thread of 40 emails about a topic I am not interested in
with just a few clicks rather than having to delete each one.  I also
really like that all the emails are archived unless you chose to
delete them.  You end up with your own archive of the homeroast list
that is very easy to search.  No more waiting for themeyers thing.  I
like it a lot.  In terms of the security piece I don't send secret
email on this account and tend to believe my Yahoo account is
collecting and using the same info Gmail is but just less open about
the fact.  Jared
On Thu, 3 Feb 2005 14:23:22 -0600, Gary Townsend  wrote:

11) From: Phil Dahlquist
Hello Kim and Jared (and hello again Les),
I agree that it's nice to know of other roasters in the area, and I
also agree that Winona and the surrounding area is beautiful.  I've
spent many memorable days over the years trout fishing  the SE MN
streams.   My wife and I live in Eagan.  Jared, I've also spent lot's
of time out in your area fishing Lake Ann and Stieger Lake.   My
sister-in-law and family live down Dell Road in Eden Prairie.   List
trivia:  what other list member shares my alma mater, Bethel College?
On Thu, 3 Feb 2005 13:13:22 -0600, Jared Andersson

12) From: Les
I lived in Arcadia.  I love Oregon, but I really miss the mid-west culture.
On Thu, 3 Feb 2005 12:08:12 -0600, Kim G  wrote:

13) From: Les
Bethel class of 75.  I had a coffee mug on Dr D's wall and drank his
swill with cream and sugar!  (Have to stay on topic if at all
On Thu, 3 Feb 2005 17:46:17 -0600, Phil Dahlquist

14) From: Phil Dahlquist
Well Les, I was going to give a $100 Sweet Maria's gift certificate to
the winner of the trivia question, but since you gave it away I guess
everyone's disqualified.   I started drinking coffee at Bethel (now
Bethel University), but it took over 15 years for me to discover the
joys of home roast.
On Thu, 3 Feb 2005 18:44:15 -0800, Les  wrote:

15) From: Les
Are you trying to get me killed!  I guess I had better read more
carefully my emails.
On Thu, 3 Feb 2005 20:59:13 -0600, Phil Dahlquist

16) From: Jared Andersson
I started drinking coffee while attending Concordia College
(Moorhead).  Phil, thats great  that you are so close and spend time
in my neighborhood.  I am about a mile NE of Lake Ann.  You are always
welcome to stop in for a shot of espresso or a cup of home roast on
your way fishing.  Jared
On Thu, 3 Feb 2005 19:21:13 -0800, Les  wrote:

17) From: Phil Dahlquist
I wish no harm upon you Les.  Therefore it is with shame that I must
admit, there was no prize.  Please forgive me... : )
On Thu, 3 Feb 2005 19:21:13 -0800, Les  wrote:

18) From: Phil Dahlquist
Thanks Jared, I'd like very much to take you up on your offer some
time.  Hopefully I'll have time this summer for some fishing over your
way.  I'll let you know.
On Thu, 3 Feb 2005 23:01:29 -0600, Jared Andersson

19) From: Les
Will you guys stop it.  I used to fish on Lake Ann.  Lived on Lake
Johanna.   I am missing my Nordic zen (ice fishing) with a nice cup of
hot coffee.
On Thu, 3 Feb 2005 23:23:49 -0600, Phil Dahlquist

20) From: Rick Copple
Jared Andersson wrote:
Yes, I think Yahoo also does some ad stuff. If you check their privacy 
statement, you will see that they do track when you are accessing Yahoo 
pages as well as their "partners" and what you click on there. I'm sure 
the emails would be included. But I don't know whether they have the 
marketing deal of popping up ads based on the content of the email you 
are reading or not. I think Yahoo ads are based more on what sites 
you've looked at, what groups you are signed up for, etc.
One note, however. The only secure email is an encrypted email. Gmail is 
scanned by Google primarily for marketing purposes, but even a "private" 
email between two people on pop servers is not secure or private unless 
you get it encrypted. They can be intercepted and read, and they tend to 
sit on at least 2 servers where employees can look at them if they so 
desired to do so.
Rick Copple
Marble Falls, TX

21) From: Kim G
and that culture would be --- yogurtcheffe?

22) From: Brent - SC/TO Roasting
Mid-west culture:  hot pot, green bean casserole, jello salad, gravy,
lotsa meat, church meetings, Kiwanis, Elks, Moose, iceberg lettuce,
winter, tornadoes.
From a born-and-bred mid-westerner. 

23) From: Brent - SC/TO Roasting
You're welcome, Gin.  Thanks for Southern Cal.  I can also throw in the
SF Bay Area culture (after 25 years of living here):
Fresh food, fog, warm, attitude, any kinda food you want, diverse,
traffic, idiots, self-centered, sushi, traffic, Sweet Maria's :),
eucalyptus, outrageous real estate, educated, new arrivals, traffic,
closes early.
What other areas are out there?

24) From: Tim TenClay
On Fri, 4 Feb 2005 09:32:03 -0800, Brent - SC/TO Roasting
...potlucks, weak coffee, "just pouring more water" in the pot to brew
through the old grounds, mashed potatoes...
 From another, born-and-bread midwesterner (originally: Iowa)
Grace and Peace,
Rev. Tim TenClay
Dunningville Reformed Church (www.dunningville.org)
Knots & More Tatting Supplies (www.knotsandmore.com) NATA #253

25) From: Angelo
An oxymoron, perhaps??
Just kidding...
Angelo - Manhattan (not Kansas) snob -whose last cultural event, btw, was 
watching a guy on the subway banging out incessant 6/8 rhythms on a plastic 

26) From: john kahla
How about Las Vegas baby !!!!! Glitz, color, tacky, cheap food, Trader
Joes, everyone from somewhere else, nothing old (if it is it gets
imploded) 4 hours from LA with 1/10 the traffic, no snow to shovel, no
yard to mow, 2 sshipping days away from SMs, UPS ground cheaper than
flat rate, heaven !!!!

27) From: Les
Brent you forgot the Ludifisk and Lefsa.  A Swede was drinking his
coffee when someone served him a pizza.  His reaction and response was
"Who puked on the Lefsa?"
On Fri, 4 Feb 2005 09:32:03 -0800, Brent - SC/TO Roasting

28) From: Brent - SC/TO Roasting
Shucks.  I was trying to be nationality-neutral.  I grew up in a German
town so if you want to throw that in (and have a good dose of German in
Bratwurst, homemade beer, summer sausage, black pumpernickel, pork &
sauerkraut, mincemeat.
Which, all taken together, would make anyone puke on the Lefsa!  :)
Had my first (and last) ludifisk about a year ago.  Swedish family
get-together - about 300 people.  The desserts were really good.

29) From: Dean
You must have meant hot dish
Minnesotan, but not for half my life

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