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Topic: Thermos ruins coffee (10 msgs / 215 lines)
1) From: Andy Conn
Has anyone had experiences with a vacuum thermos ruining coffee?
I have a glass thermos that I've been using.  I would have naturally thought
the glass thermos would be the best option for this.  However, I'm finding
the longer the coffee sits the more I hate it.  I was thinking that I was
just making bad coffee and that it was taking me awhile to realize it.  Now
I'm leaning towards the thermos as the culprit?
What is your preference?
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2) From: Monty Harris
I found that I have to clean my glass or stainless thermos very well.  I
rinse the container well after each use and soak with hot water while the
pot is brewing the next morning.  I use an urn cleaner once in a while when
the flavor is catching up with my taste buds.  I also run the stopper
through the dishwasher or soak it well in the same cleaner.
I seem to have eliminated the problem for me.
At 11:19 AM 5/15/01 -0400, Andy wrote:
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3) From: EuropaChris
Coffee will degrade in taste even in a thermos, whether glass or stainless.  It's a process due to the heat breaking down the flavor compounds in the coffee.  It is greatly accelerated by having a pot sit on a heat source, but it will nonetheless break down all on it's own.  I've found that an hour is about the max for absolute best taste, but if you are camping or otherwise totally without coffee unless you bring a thermos, it will be decent for 4 or 5 hours.  Some fresh air and baked beans do wonders to make nasty coffee taste good.
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4) From: Mike & Debi McGinness
We sometimes use a Bonjour thermos (glass lined) and while it "holds" coffee okay for a short time
it's NEVER as good as fresh brewed! Then again brewing method also effects the cup, try getting a
French Press and making small batchs to drink immediately, you won't regret it.

5) From: Monty Harris
Throw in the heal of a freshly baked loaf of homemade bread and you are in
At 11:31 AM 5/15/01 -0400, Chris wrote:
thermos, it will be decent for 4 or 5 hours.  >Some fresh air and baked
beans do wonders to make nasty coffee taste good.
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6) From: Gloria Hoover
We have to keep cleaning our thermos (once every two weeks) with baking soda -
just put some in the thermos and then fill with really hot to boiling water.
Will foam like crazy then brown stuff will come out. Let it sit overnight then
rinse well. Even in glass or stainless the coffee oils will build up and affect
the taste of coffee.
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7) From: Glenn R. Holmes
Bring along an IBRIK.
Grind the coffee to be powderlike, toss in water, mix in a bit of sugar,
add the coffee and do it on top of the hot car/suv/? engine.
Add Baileys or Wild Turkey according to taste if you like. :=)
Monty Harris wrote:
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8) From: Henry C. Davis
I have also found that different coffees go "off" in a clean high quality
thermos at different rates. I haven't checked it against coffee sitting on
the hot plate of the brewer because I never leave it there (except at the
office), it either goes into cups for people to drink or into a preheated
thermos. Some coffee will last in good (though never fresh brewed state)
condition for more than 16 hours, if you don't open the thermos and it is
FULL. If there is air in it, or it cools because of repeated opening and
closing, it goes bad faster. I have not yet found a coffee that was actually
tolerable beyond 17 hours, and most are in the 5-10 hour range even in my
best hard vacuum thermos.
Cleaning is ESSENTIAL. And, it is best to vary cleaning methods as no one
method strips the stainless or glass entirely. Urn cleaner is good, as is
hot soap followed by soaking in baking soda. I also use straight clorox
cleanup to really strip, but it requires multiple rinsings and standing time
with cold water in it to fully eliminate any hint of the chlorine smell. If
you rotate several good cleaning methods, you get better results IMO. If you
do not, eventually you will have some slow patina build up that does not get
removed by your particular preference for cleaning.
The way I deal with the issue of getting all of the residue of cleaning
smells/chemicals/changes in PH, etc. is to have three thermoses. One being
used, one being cleaned or needing cleaning and one that has been filed with
final rinse water for several days. Once every third rotation I take the
rinse water out of the thermos after a couple hours and hang it upside down
by the strap to fully drain and dry. This combination of cleaning and
clearing works for me, but it obviously isn't for everyone. This rather
obsessive process is probably only necessary for someone who puts coffee in
a thermos at least two times a day.
I do think even for the occasional thermos user that changing your cleaning
method once in a while improves your result.
The quality of the thermos material also makes a difference. Not all
stainless is the same. Not all glass is as smooth or hard. Some thermoses
are best for soup, not coffee.

9) From: Henry C. Davis
I assume you mean they smell it when he takes it out of the thermos and on
his breath, not in the thermos? BTW, some deer apparently like the smell of
good coffee, or at least aren't repelled by it. (A shame to spill a good cup
just to get some venison, though.)

10) From: John
My son has not bagged a deer in two seasons.  He finally discovered that the
deer could smell his coffee that he takes in his stainless steal thermos.
I'm sure the deer thought the coffee was to kill for :O)
John - Wandering around Deep Southern Texas

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