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Topic: new Hwp success/failure survey (18 msgs / 240 lines)
How about if we start a survey here on the actual success/failure rate of the 
name----------------------------------Jerry Birks
aprox. purchase date-----------1 year
aprox number of roasts-------- 200-250
success----------------------------- yes
failure or ('s)------------------------ no
brief description of failure------ none
HW gourmet ---------------------- one failure of fan, a bean got stuck and 
killed it
comment----------------------------HWP is an unbelievably reliable unit and 
the one time I had to call them their service was like no other company I've 
ever done business with.

2) From: Mike Geis

3) From: Dave Huddle
some weekends, I roast 6 or 7 batches in a row.  No problems so far

4) From: Michael Allen Smith
name-------------------------michael allen smith
aprox. purchase date-----------11/99
aprox number of roasts-------- 150
success----------------------------- yes
failure or ('s)------------------------ no
brief description of failure------ none
comment----------Give it a sturdy dedicated outlet and don't run other
applicances at the same time.

5) From: Harvey Shulman
aprox. purchase date-----------Sept, 1999
aprox number of roasts-------- once a week I do 3-5 consecutive batches
failure or ('s)------------------------ Hearhthware none, Wife one.
brief description of failure------ Wife fails to understand that a smoky
kitchen is a small price to pay for good coffee.
comment----------------------------My HWP is an unbelievably reliable unit.
Despite failure wife is wonderful too.
Harvey G. Shulman (shulman.1)
Department of Psychology
The Ohio State University
ph 614 292-2759  fax 614 292-5601

6) From: Seth Goodman
name----------------------------------Seth Goodman
aprox. purchase date-----------1/23/00
aprox number of roasts-------- ~75?
success----------------------------- makes roasting as easy as falling out 
of bed
failure or ('s)------------------------two - now on third unit
brief description of failure------ 1) fan stopped working
                                                2) did not distribute beans 
during roast  - weak fan?  (note: did this from the very first roast)
comment---------------------------- Bought unit locally, and both failures 
happened within 30 days, so I just returned to the store for an 
exchange.  The third unit, which I got about Feb 10, has been running like 
a champ for approx 6 roasts per week.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that 
it will remain reliable. (Seth stops typing, knocks on wooden desktop ;-)) 
Despite the reliability problems, I really love this machine.

7) From: Fookoo Network
At 09:35 AM 4/21/00 -0400, you wrote:
                          Carl S Lau 

8) From: Bob Norton
element on

9) From: Andrea U.
My first post to the list and I'm reporting a failure - how embarassing
At least it's not me who failed...
name--------------------------- Andrea Ulliman
aprox. purchase date----------- January 2000 (has been replaced this
aprox number of roasts--------- 2-3 batches every other day, sometimes
success------------------------ great!  (while it was still working)
failure or ('s)---------------- 1
brief description of failure--- 1) it just stopped (light went off) in
the middle of the roast; resumed roasting after pushing the roast
button. Did this a couple of times over a period of 4 weeks until I
noticed the base was melted at the left and right side of the dials.
I sent the roaster back 2 weeks ago after talking to Hearthware. They
started to tell me it's "not so bad" that it was melted... but I didn't
want to take the risk.
The new unit came yesterday and I roasted 4 batches so far. The fan
seems stronger and everything looks fine.
One question (out of curiousity): Did anybody, who got a HWP replaced in
the last weeks notice differences in design? My new unit misses this red
rubber ring (?) at the bottom of the roast chamber and the screws there
look like they were glued to the metal. The handle of the chaff
collector base has a little "bump" and the lid a metal piece, which kind
of snaps onto the bump (The old roaster was "flat" in that area). Also,
the roasting chamber locks much better onto the base than my old one
I don't wanna bore you, but I'm curious how often Hearthware makes
changes to the roaster and if it's based on all the returned units...
In general I really love this machine. It's my first roasting device and
I was really sad during the weeks without it! Sooo hard to go back to
storebought coffee..

10) From: Jeffrey A. Olawski
roasts.  I haven't
                                                      been roasting since
2nd week in March, so average
                                                      weekly use was about 5
times/week.  HW said to return
                                                      the unit, but I was
waiting for it to die before sending it
                                                      back.  Think I'll send
it back now, so we'll see what

11) From: Scott Odell

12) From: williams
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 -->Re: + new Hwp success/failure
aprox. purchase
aprox number of
failure or
complaint is that the dial is of little use.  Otherwise, it's
taken a licking and keeps on ticking

13) From: Bob Norton
Where did the resistors go and what was the range of values?
I bought 
With a 
with 4.5, 
to 6 for a 
of the 
though it's 

14) From: Scott Odell
Bob Norton wrote:
the resistor is attached to a little white plug that's plugged into the
card behind the dial.  
The original one was circa 3.02 K ohms. the ones he sent were 3.010.
3.314, 3.603, 3.905 (using an inexpensive digital multimeter).  I
replaced the original one with the 3.905 resistor and did no further
experimenting because it raised the temperature range by a couple of
dial settings and slightly expanded the range of adjustability.  After
using it for a while longer I also had a better feel for the best
settings for my taste in roasts and got results that served my needs.

15) From: Michael Vanecek
name----------------------------------Michael Vanecek
aprox. purchase date----------- 4th Quarter of 99 (don't remember exact
aprox number of roasts-------- 25+
success----------------------------- yes
failure or ('s)------------------------ no
brief description of failure------ n/a
I've been happy with the roaster so far, though, as another poster
quoted below complained about, the level of roast kinda jumps from mild
to dark with a little twist of the knob. I too would prefer a little
more range to help fine-tune my roasts... I'll give HW a call too and
see if they'll send me some of those resisters. Question - I take it the
knob just pops off - is getting to the panel a problem?

16) From: Maybelle Hage
errors-- HWP performance is outstanding....the rest of life should go so
has dramatically changed since the purchase of my HWP!!

17) From: Dennis Holland
Re: + new Hwp success/failure surveyName--------------------------
Dennis Holland
Aprox. purchase date-------- 12/05/99
Aprox number of roasts----- 55
Success------------------------ 100%
Failure or ('s)------------------ One, it cut off after starting.
Never done it since however.
Comments -------------------- The dial is of little use. However, I
turn the dial all the way over and roast according to color. If the
roaster fails, I will promptly buy another. Nothing on the market
comes close to the Precision for price and usability.

18) From: Jeffrey Vandegrift
name----------------------------------Jeff Vandegrift
aprox. purchase date-----------November 1999
aprox number of roasts-------- 30
success----------------------------- mostly
failure or ('s)------------------------ one or two
brief description of failure------ one slow fan failure,
one ocillating speed fan, that prevented temp from getting even close to 400
HW gourmet ---------------------- don't have one

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