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1) From: ginny
Your right Micheal, Tom has the spirit of the Beauty Guard (tm) with him.

2) From: SweetMaria's Coffee
Hi -
Tom is in Colombia and is staying longer that expected so he can
attend the first ever Cup of Excellence competition in Manizales. He
went there to visit Mesa de Los Santos estate but the roads to the
freeway in Bucaramanga were covered by mudslides in a heavy storm, so
all flights were cancelled! So he is out all week and gets back late 
Saturday. We actually are having a guest roaster this week do the 
roasting - which is a first.   I guess I will have to save some so 
Tom can taste it when he gets back.
So we do have some new Brazils here - 3 or 4 of the Cerrados from the 
competition that Tom was a judge on back in October I think it was - 
that are waiting for Tom to post. So that will have to keep another 
week. And we ran low on the Moki's Farm today - but more is on the 
way so there is no need to panic...... : )
Best- Maria
                   "Great coffee comes from tiny roasters"
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3) From: Michael Vanecek
Thanks for the update. I look forward to hearing about his adventures 
when he returns.
Be well,
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4) From: Ed Needham
No need to panic.  No need to panic.  No need to panic...

5) From: Michael Vanecek
I'm not panicking. After all, he's got his Beauty Guard (tm) with him, 
right? Yep. He's got... gin! What are you doing here??!?!?!??!
No need to panic. No need to panic. No need to panic...
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6) From: Michael Vanecek
So, is Tom back yet?
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7) From: Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee
Yep - just sort of out of it, and with a ton of accumulated samples 
to cup (oh, things could be worse!) . The competition was very 
interesting, very well run, but there was a real problem with 
phenolic defect in the cups that showed up even in the top coffees in 
the fina rounds. It's almost tragic. I think Maria posted a note 
about the storms that kept me from traveling to the north. I was 
trying to get to Mesa de los Santos along with Geoff from 
Intelligentsia and Bob Fulmer from Royal, but the weather was too 
intense. We did take off, made a few attempts to land, but the pilot 
said he had 20 minutes of gas left and we had to return to Bogota. I 
am glad we didn't try ... it was really nasty weather. We found out 
later that 45 people died in the flooding and over 3,000 homes were 
totally destroyed, with something like 30,000 homes damaged severely. 
There was a lot of damage on other areas too, but Bucaramanga is 
actually fairly dry and isn't prepared for it. Since Colombia 
basically has 2 crop cycles running in the country, this Cup of 
Excellence was really for coffees from Huila, some Tolima I believe, 
Bucaramanga and maybe the Sierra region all the way north. Actually, 
I had to leave before the identity of the final winners were 
announced so I need to find out where they were from! Anyway, we are 
getting the Cerrado competition Brazils later this week (hot tip, the 
#1 place natural coffee is really great and there's only 5 bags so it 
will go fast...)
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8) From: Sue
Welcome back Tom, Glad you returned safely! Thanks for the hot tip on
the greens, I'll be watching for it.
On Mon, 21 Feb 2005 12:06:49 -0800, Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee

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