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Topic: More reason to drink our coffe! (6 msgs / 95 lines)
1) From: Barbara Greenspon

2) From: Jared Andersson
It is nice to see the strib putting out a good article.  An n of
90,000 is pretty big.  Jared
On Tue, 15 Feb 2005 20:01:44 -0600, Barbara Greenspon  wrote:

3) From: Elliott H. O'Reilly
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Just for the sake of preventive cardiac health care I am sitting here
working on a box of Godiva dark chocolates waiting for my batch of "Horse"
to finish roasting so that I can protect my liver tomorrow!

4) From: Bill Zambon
Everyone keeps talking about that "Horse".  Some are saying it's out of stock...
Went to TM page and they are showing it for sale.. soooo.... does TM have any?
I get the feeling that you guys kinda like the stuff.
Bill Z
On Tue, 15 Feb 2005 22:30:14 -0600, Elliott H. O'Reilly
William R. Zambon
First Presbyterian Church, Wyandotte MI
(734) 282-3160
(734) 272-7062  cell

5) From: Frank Haist
TM page? I assume you mean the SM page. The Harar Horse at Sweet Marias 
is out of stock. This was a bit of a topic last week. There is the 
listing for it in the archive located here http://www.sweetmarias.com/coffee.reviewarchive.a-f.html,skip down to 
the Ethiopian section. I think what you are referring to is the 
Yirgacheffe Grade Two with the M.A.O. "Horse" mark. The importer, 
according to Tom's Harar page is Mohamed Abdullahi Ogsadey (M.A.O) and a 
horse is on the certificate in each bag. So Horse is the importer, but 
the coffee we're all drooling over was the Harar (Lot 7039). According 
to Tom's Ethiopian page, new Harar lots may start to show up later this 
month. But as someone pointed out to me last week (was it Les?), the 
time anything comes in depends on it passing muster with Tom. In the 
mean time, I can highly recommend the Ethiopian OFT Harar, which give a 
sense of what the Horse Harar had (the blueberry, oh, the blueberry!). I 
just received some of the Yirgacheffe today and roasted it up. Didn't 
try it out of the roaster as it was getting a little late for an 
espresso. I haven't seen many comments about it. What do people have to 
say about the Yirg?
Bill Zambon wrote:

6) From: Les
Get the Ethiopian Organic/Fair Trade Harar.  As Tom said about this
one, it is a good one.   "Cupping the very good Harar horse lot next
to this one is a tough call, especially because of the variations from
batch to batch that are endemic to natural dry-process coffees and
Harar in particular. But I pick this one over the Horse about 60% of
the time. So take note, fans of the Horse - good Harars can come from
other sources too!"
On Tue, 15 Feb 2005 23:37:32 -0500, Bill Zambon  wrote:

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