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1) From: ginny
The liquid amber is simply wonderful.

2) From: ginny
your right Jared, a huge bean-o-mix. great stuff

3) From: Zara Haimo
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Two friends who always say they don't much like coffee because it's too =
bitter, just polished off the last of my Uganda Budadiri (roasted barely =
into 2nd crack using a dog bowl and heat gun) and brewed in a French =
Press.  Meanwhile, I pulled myself a couple of silky sweet doubles of =
Liquid Amber.  I sometimes forget how good homeroast really is - until a =
guest says "wow".

4) From: sszretter
Yes, I have to agree - I just roasted my first batch of and have been 
drinking liquid amber this week as espresso, and it is great.

5) From: Michael Douglas-Llyr
My housemate, who would never drink coffee without "creamer" and
sweetener, now takes it black . . .if it's one of my homeroasts! :)
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6) From: Zara Haimo
I'd forgotten I had some - it was buried under all my African beans and I
hadn't roasted any in ages.  I've been pulling shots with it all week.

7) From: Jared Andersson
Is liquid Amber the one with two toned beans that are huge?  Jared
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8) From: Jason Brooks
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Well, I'm not looking to gain any CSA points, but wanted to relate a
story.  I've briefly written it up on my blog
http://javajeb.wordpress.com/2008/02/21/lately-2/).Just over a week ago, we had the privilege of being hosted for dinner by
a lady at church.  She's a native German, but's been living stateside
since just after WWII.  She refused any assistance for dinner, wanting
to give my dear wife the night off.  So, I roasted up some decaf
Colombian when I got home that night.  I took my Zass knee mill, but
didn't use it.
After dinner, she started making the coffee in one of the fairly
automated Cuisinarts.  But, alas, it wouldn't work.  So, she opted for
what she called a German coffee maker, which was some sort of single cup
drip brewer.  She made four cups in two or two and a half mugs and
served.  Her comments were that she couldn't believe that it was decaf.
Later, that Sunday after church, she was chatting with my wife and
wanted to know how I roasted my coffee.  Now, much of what she made was
from scratch (apple pie (sans crust this time), saurkraut, German
noodles), so I'm guessing she's interested in the fresh foods route.
I may have to take one of my backup poppers over to her, along with a
bit of Colombian Decaf green.
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Jason Brooks
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9) From: Bill
Ah, nothing quite so satisfying as sharing the passion.  I love converts!  I
wrote to the list in Jan about several couples who were blown away at a
dinner party by the coffee... Several are roasting now.  I'm going over to a
house in a few weeks, they said, "can you come?  Bring coffee!"  ha ha.
On Tue, Feb 26, 2008 at 5:28 PM, Jason Brooks  wrote:
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