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Topic: Actual Coffee Police website! (8 msgs / 117 lines)
1) From: ginny
great site, the copter reminds me of Oregon!

2) From: miKe mcKoffee
I was Googling looking for info' and links about that country I forget which 
where it's a crime for a husband not to supply his wife with coffee and 
found this way fun cool sight!http://www.coffeepolice.com/A little clicking from there found Taste Invaders game, espresso version of 
Space Invaders...
Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
URL to Rosto mods, FrankenFormer etc.http://mdmint.home.comcast.net/coffee/Rosto_mod.htm

3) From: Ron_L
On Wed, 23 Feb 2005 16:34:45 -0800, miKe mcKoffee  wrote:
That is a cool site!
But wait...  There is a country where its a crime for a husband not to
supply his wife with coffee?  Don't tell my wife!
...ron (hiding from the coffee police...)

4) From: Gary Townsend
Like I need another diversion right now! 
Gary ;-)
Save us from bad beans, stale coffee & instant terror - Play 'Taste Invaders'.

5) From: Steven Dover
In 1475 Turkish law made it legal for a woman to divorce her husband if he
failed to furnish her with her daily quota of coffee. From the coffee
timeline... - Steve D

6) From: Johnny Kent
At 05:15 PM 2/23/2005, you wrote:
Naaah that'd be Sun? Diego  with that  ghettobird buzzing overhead. They 
oughta drop fresh homeroast from them whirleys ;-)

7) From: Ben Treichel
Johnny Kent wrote:
I think she was talking from personal experience ;-)

8) From: Johnny Kent
At 07:44 AM 2/24/2005, you wrote:
Me too!
Johnny, drying out slowly while drinking a Guat in Sun Diego.

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