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Topic: my bean sprout (6 msgs / 124 lines)
1) From: Jared Andersson
I have only had one of my coffee beans sprout and want to make sure it
doesn't die.  At this point it looks like an inch and a half tall
little stock with a green coffee bean on top.  I am worried that it
will die before the bean falls off and the leaves come out.  Please
stop me before I pick at it like a five year old boy and his skinned
and scabbed knee.  Can I trust that it will fall off or should I be
doing something to help the process along?  Jared

2) From: Bob
Jared,http://www.sweetmarias.com/growingcoffeeathome.htmlis Toms pictoral essay on growing beans at home ~ like you, I have ONE
sprout from the half dozens seeds I planted. It looks like your description.
A stalk with a bean on it. Tom talks about stripping the bean off, but I'm
not sure either!

3) From: Jared Andersson
Thanks Bob I forgot about Tom's info page.  My interpretation of his
instructions are to leave ours as is.  I think the stripping thing
occurred when he planted an entire cherry rather than one cleaned
half.  Any one able to confirm my guess?  Also, can you get coffee
beans to grow on just one plant or do you need multiple plants for
that birds and bees thing?  I would guess one plant would be fine but
I am not up on plant sex.  Its not my bag baby.  Jared
On Mon, 21 Mar 2005 21:37:56 -0700, Bob  wrote:

4) From: Andy Thomas
If I understand your description correctly, Jared, the
coffee bean on top of the stem is/are the cotyledons
-- seed leaves. They have stored food so the plant can
grow until the true leaves emerge and begin to
photosynthesize. You will notice them shrivel
gradually as the plant grows. So stop picking at it,
son. Let nature take its course.
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5) From: Jason Molinari
Mine have opened up into leaves. On one of them i
couldn't help it, and i stripped off the skin once i
saw that the leaves were forming well inside. I didn't
pull hard on it, it just came off easily....but i
don't think it is necessary...it may speed up the
leaves developing, bu ti have no idea.
jason - now has 4 coffee sprouts!
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6) From:
I ordered beans from a place and am waiting for them to show up so I can try to grow them as well.  I have a few plants growing already but well, I bought them already started so don't know what they went through.  I will be interested to hear how yours progress as you grow them.
I am just curious that if I keep them in a pot, and basically a glorified backyard/house plant, if they will ever produce beans or are going to be for looks only.
Does Sweet Maria's sell beans for growing?  I don't recall seeing them on their site anywhere but then again there is so much I probably missed while trying to see everything they have to offer.  If they do Ill have to get some and try them as well.  Or can one sprout the green beans we buy to brew with?  I have no clue there but would be willing to try and let everyone know if it is possible.

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